Holiday Travel Plans for Memorial Day Weekend? Not if the Weather has it's say.

For some RVers Memorial Day is a day of attending RV park celebrations or planning a special trip for the holiday weekends. But, as Debbie Goode from the GoodeLife reminds us, no matter what your plans, the weather always has a say.

I have been pretty smitten with myself of late..... cause sent me an email asking if I would be interested in doing a guest blog for them. Well, sure Iʼm interested! You want me to write about what? Our plans for the Holiday Weekend. Gee...that may be a problem as we currently have no plans. Who can make plans! Here in Indiana, it has rained for the last 40 days and 40 nights, okay maybe not quite that bad, but still it is pretty wet around these parts.

The view from a site at the AOK RV Park in Indiana

Just the other day, I awoke to find that our site had been upgraded to a “waterfront” view. As you can see by the photo, the pond appeared just across the road from us. It even has itʼs own little “houseboat”. I have no idea if it is available for use. I guess now that we have a pond right out the front door we might be able to do a little fishing.

If we are lucky, maybe Memorial Day will find us frying up a big ole mess of fish. Or might we get out the inflatables and just take a relaxing “float” around the pond and enjoy the sunshine. Did I say, “sunshine”!
Okay, all kidding aside, as fulltime RVʼers we often avoid doing much of anything during holidays or weekends. We prefer a bit more of a slower pace...without the holiday or weekend crowds. That to us is one of the “perks” of fulltime rving......we can always
wait till tomorrow....for the sun to shine or the crowds to wane!

What did you do this weekend for Memorial Day? Please let us know on in the comments section.
Debra Goode, her husband and two wire fox terriers are starting their 4th year of the fulltime lifestyle.  She is 53 years young and loving every minute of it.  Her husband is retired.  She is an Artist who specializes in wildlife and nature and the occasional pet portrait.  She has passion for animals. She will never retire from painting, but  did give up her gift and interior decorating shop in downtown Lafayette, IN to travel these United States.  She and her husband have learned so much on their journey....about each other and about this lifestyle.   They have no regrets about this lifestyle choice and hopefully have many more years of travel and fun ahead of them.