Harbor RV Anchorage

159 Starfish Way
Crescent City, CA 95531

(707) 464-1724
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Bill R.
1 review

Stay at your own risk

On our first night of several in the RV park we had three bicycles stolen, they were locked with cable locks to a large pine tree, the thieves most likely used bolt cutters. From reading other post related to the Crescent City area and to this RV park this is not uncommon. From what I observed and from what I was told by residents and business owners as well as the local law enforcement the out of control transient population is largely to blame. That being said I do not blame the park for the theft of the bicycles, it is a government issue that is obviously overlooked. The transient problem is out of control, they are camping in very close proximity (a rocks throw "literally") from the RV park where you will be camping with your loved ones and your valuables, so beware, keep a close eye on your family and lock "everything" up at night. One of the bicycles was located before we left by local law enforcement in a nearby transient camp, we were lucky.

Now for the park itself, it has been taken over by the Marina which from what I could gather was attempting to make much needed improvements. My issues are related to customer service or lack of. First, it is advertised on their website cable is available, which there is a cable to hook up to so its not a complete lie but in order to get the service you will need to go down to the local cable establishment and rent a box. I believe this to be a form of false advertisement on the Parks side. When asked about a possible discount as a result of the service not being provided as advertised we were told "no".

When booking a reservation a member of our family was told they needed to provide a photo of their RV because it was more then 10 years old, yet when arriving at the park we observed the park was approximately half full of RV's which were very old and dilapidated, from the looks of the RV's and the "junk" around them they appeared to be owned by long term renters. When asking about this I was told they were grandfathered in when the Marina took over ownership. This does not make sense to me, either you have a standard that applies to all patrons or you don't.

We were advised the electricity would be off for a period of time on one day (a few hours at least). When asked about a possible discount because a service which was not going to be provided as advertised we were told "no". Some rent RV's and are charged a rate for use of the generator, it would have been a good gesture by the staff to compensate the patrons for this inconvenience as well as added cost for some, and it would have been the right thing to do.

And finally, while not good business practices I can accept most of the above mentioned. But DO NOT LIE to me!! Our family was in Crescent City for a very important and emotional get together. In efforts to place the all of the family together in the RV park I had asked the management if they might contact another patron which had reserved a spot located in the middle of our group and ask if they would be interested in trading spots. I felt it would not hurt to ask and no problem if they did not want to. Several family members made a call to the park management inquiring about this and each time we were told the patron which rented this spot will not return their calls. When we arrived we were told by the management they still had not heard back from the renters and to take the spot anyhow. Unbeknownst to all of us, the other renters were our family members as well. When they arrived I spoke with them about this, stating we did not know it was them that had rented the spot and the management here had made several calls to them regarding our request to switch. After speaking with our family we were able to determine the RV park staff had not made one single phone call to them regarding this issue and in fact when they arrived to the park the management had lied to them as well, stating the reason they could not be placed in the original spot they had rented was because there were electrical issues in it....hmmm I stayed in that spot for a week and the only electrical issue I had was the park shutting it off for upgrades, and it wasn't just that spot that was shut off, it was the entire park.

I will only add that when the harbor master was approached about the poor management her reaction was reflective of what we had been experiencing our entire stay. So no use to bring issues to anyone, they don't care. I find this interesting as it appears to be a struggling economy in this small city and I would think business owners would do all they could to keep customers returning. Well I doubt this family will be back.

Oh yes, I gave one star because you have to give at least one

Date of Stay:
 July, 2017

lenda b.
1 review

Hight prices for nothing.. except a view

I have to say I am very unhappy here but this park has been the lowest priced park in our area,, low income people have been able to afford a place to live,, in our own RVs,, on a piece small piece of asphalt, the winters are harsh, My space fills with water all winter,, Electrical receptacles are falling over, water spickets broke all over the park. I payed 325 when I moved here 3 years ago,, it has been raised each year since we are now at 375,, Noting has been done to improve the park, we still have broken washers and dryers in laundry room..
My neighbor has guns and has threatened people with them.. I counted 18 going into his house after he was suppose to have removed them.. My daughter and I had to hit the floor because the cops were going around his trailer with gun drawn,, while other cops were on bull horn shouting come out... he never has been even reprimanded and still is a drunken terror...
we get nothing for the raised fees not even our safety.. now there is no change except the rent on my space has gone up 75.00. from 375 to 450.. with a 200 deposit and a dog deposit. I cannot afford this ..and many here also can not.. . nothing has changed here except the rules have been better enforced, as to trashy people they had to clean up a bit..
oh one change, our Cable service is being downgraded... fewer channels.. I did not recognize the service name.. today I am moving to a space that is now 400, all of us monthly are being put towards the back of the park.. I have lived here for 3 years.. I am looking for a place that people on SSi can afford to live. I ask the harbor lady to consider us,, she said talk to the city. most here are on a fixed income and have lived here for years.. and I feel we are going to be forced out with the fee raises they have proposed.. I am thrilled they have cleaned up of course it is not harbor they don't take over til june 1st... We were told major repairs will be done that will be inconvenient for us.. water shut of and such.,,, well they ought not put fee hikes on us .. until they do some upgrading....Good luck on tourist renting the 500 spaces... no fishing these day,, and the roads here are a disaster,,, good luck with the new name and changes... I think the new name is camper village,,,...I though anchor was so fitting and a land mark

Date of Stay:
 May, 2017

Marty L.'s picture
Marty L.
1 review

Great Location

We stay here a couple times every year for several days. Management is very friendly, laundry room and restrooms are always very clean.
There is lots of old trailers that apparently either live there permanently or fisherman but they don't bother you and it's very quiet there.
Right next to the Ocean with great views and sound of the Ocean, fire pits to build your own little campfire.
Excellent Restaurants within easy walking distance.
Only downfall is we have had to go after cable box the last couple years. No activity at park just the Ocean, so if your looking for games etc in park it's not for you.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2015

Heather M.'s picture
Heather M.
1 review

Awsome place, location, and people!

We stayed here for a week or so and absolutely loved our stay! The veiw is beautiful and the people that work there are so nice. We have made some new family friends. And a location we will be coming back to over and over! So yes i highly suggest harbor anchorage rv :)

Date of Stay:
 February, 2016

Robin M.
1 review

Awesome View!

We chose this park strictly for the view. Other than that it has nothing to offer. We were directly across the street from the beach and within walking distance to a good restaurant and the sea lions. The park is pretty run down with mostly full time locals. They don't take credit cards as their website suggests and if you need to use their showers it's a $5 deposit for a key. It's paved sites and it was quiet. We were just passing thru and served our purposes. Stayed here in a 38ft class A RV.

Date of Stay:
 February, 2014
Rate Paid:

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