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Not bad.. not great either.

This is a little commercial RV park just off the interstate heading into the eastern entrance of Badlands National Park. It has all the basic necessities one needs - a place to park, electric, water and sewer. There's a nice bathhouse and a laundry room (wash is free, and the drying was reasonable).

Some of the spots have shade. But all of the spots are pretty tights. The full hook-up pull thrus are particularly close together, and built 'awning to awning' with shared hook-ups in the middle of the spots. But, most nights the campground is fairly empty - so you can get a site without an immediate neighbor.

The campground is owned by the concessionaire in the park for the lodge, and they house some of their employees here in RVs and little cabins. All super friendly people. Our reason for stopping here was to visit a fellow full time RVing friend who was working at the gift shop.

The drive into the park is a quick couple of miles, and there's a convenience store and fuel station across the street. The pool was empty when we passed through.

The WiFi was quite usable, and we had decent AT&T and Verizon signal.

The nightly rate is a bit high in our opinion, and there are absolutely no discounts.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2013
Rate Paid:


Beautiful and relaxing!

We were able to snag a waterfront spot (41), which has a panoramic view of the river and bridge. It even has a path down to a private beach. Fantastic!

The park is well laid out, with lots of space between the sites - you should have no trouble finding space to yourself.

Our check in was a bit chaotic, as the ranger's computer station went down as we were checking in. We ended up having to book our own site online, while at the gate - and paying an extra $7.70 for the 'convenience'.

You also pay a $6 per day per vehicle fee on top of the site. All and all, that does make it a bit pricey! (The rate below is just for the campsite.)

We had very solid AT&T 4G and Verizon LTE while here.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2013
Rate Paid:


Why can't all cities have parks like this??

We absolutely loved our stay here, what a treat! The sites are very nicely laid out, with lots of space between them. And the park is right on the river, with views of the casino boat across the way.

There's a hike/bike trail that runs through the park, giving ample access to the city. Sioux City is right over the bridge and on Wed and Sat mornings there's a cute little farmer's market in the parking lot of the stadium.

The facilities were clean, and the park is recovering nicely from past flooding. The staff was excellent.

We got solid AT&T 4G signal, our Verizon signal was a bit iffy. And the park's WiFi was not too usable during our stay.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2013
Rate Paid:


Waterfront views

The park is a bit difficult to navigate to, through tight city blocks - but the turns are well marked.

When we arrived, just the host was there - who apparently has been hosting there for 30 years! She's super friendly.

The park has a nice view of the river (as the name would indicate), and there's a boat ramp right there. Pretty heavily visited by locals coming down to take in the view - we had several very pleasant conversations with them. Very friendly town.

The RV sites are kinda tight together, and we wouldn't really want to be here if the park were full. But since we pretty much has the place to ourselves - it was a pleasant stop over.

We could not get a solid cellular signal on Verizon or AT&T at the RV sites.. but if we took our phones to the riverside, we could get line of site with the tower and keep a stable connection.

Nebraska state parks charge a $5 permit fee PER vehicle on top of the campsite fee. However, if you leave your toad attached to your motorhome, you can get by without paying for the toad. The kicker tho? The campsite permit expires at 2pm, and the vehicle at noon.

The fee below is for the site ($17) plus 1 vehicle permit fee.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2013
Rate Paid:


Nice Stop Over

This park is a very pleasant place. A typical single loop configuration with mainly back-in sites, and a couple pull thrus. There are sites with electric (30 and 50), but as is typical in more northern parks - none have water at them. Be sure to fill up on your way in at the dump station.

The sites are nicely spaced out, so you shouldn't feel on top of your neighbor. The host on duty was super friendly.

We took a trip into the cute town of Weston - be sure to visit the McCormick Country Store, the tasting room for the distillery. You can get taster shots for a quarter! Lots of cute little shops to explore.

Within the park, you can walk or drive up to the scenic bluff overlook, and there's an old tobacco barn to look at. Not much else to do in the park itself.

All and all - a nice stop, and probably a quick get away from Kansas City.

We had decent AT&T and Verizon signal.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2013
Rate Paid:


One of our favorites!

We stay at this park often when we need to be in the Orlando area - it's just perfect. The sites are generally very spacious and private feeling, yet you're also close to town.

There's lots of hiking, swimming and canoeing to be done onsite.. and wildlife all around.

Wekiwa is currently undergoing renovations, and this time they were on a walk-in basis only (no reservations). If you arrive mid-week, you can pretty much snag a site and keep up to 14 days. Hooray, finally us last minute arrivals can get a spot over a weekend.

It looks like many sites are getting sewer installed - which will definitely make this park even more ideal for us RV travelers, but will probably change the vibe a bit for the tent campers.

On this visit, we were able to get a strong Verizon and AT&T LTE signal on our devices.

Date of Stay:
 May, 2013
Rate Paid:


Updated Review

We had reason to stay at this park again for 2 months this winter/spring, so this is a brief updated review.

Effective April 1, the rates have gone up - the monthly is now $675. Still a great deal for the area.

Also, there is currently construction going on in the neighborhood next door - so if you get a site on the west side of the park (backed up to 'the wall'), you might have an early morning wake-up.

We should also revise that there were no WiFi repeaters throughout the park like we thought they had installed on our previous stay. We were however able to have Brighthouse install cable internet at our site.

Date of Stay:
 May, 2013
Rate Paid:


A Dream Come True

In our full time travels, we look for three critical elements for an ideal camping spot:

- Nice, big campsites
- Kayaking & hiking trails
- Excellent cellular connectivity

This place hit them all. We absolutely loved our stay here. Most of the sites were very well spaced out (check - there are photos of each spot online). Our spot was very spacious, and it was awesome to have views of trees!

There's a kayak launch onto the river within the second loop - which is a very peaceful & tranquil paddle. If you'll be taking advantage of this, try to book a site as close to site #33 as possible, where the launch is at. We were a bit far away, and had to hand carry our kayak.

There are lots of hiking trails that start right at the campground. We really enjoyed them.

Also onsite is a huge pool (it shuts down when the water temp is under 70), a rental store for canoes & bikes, and a cafe serving basic grille fare.

Our site had 50a service and water, that both worked great. But best of all? We had solid AT&T and Verizon LTE signal.

We consider this spot an easily accessible spot in central West Florida, and we'll definitely return!

Date of Stay:
 February, 2013
Rate Paid:


Good Enough in a Pinch

Our default park to stay in the area was booked up, so we decided to give this park a try.

First, the positives...

- The public facilities are fantastic. Very clean bathhouse and laundry center. The spring fed pool is HUGE and we enjoyed swimming in it when the weather was warm enough. The nature trail to the lake was a pleasant surprise, and quick wonderful.

- The park is really well kept.

- The WiFi worked pretty well the entire time - only a couple of hiccups.

- Everyone in the park was friendly that we encountered.

- There's a sidewalk leading into Spring Hill, making it a nice 1.5 mile walk to shopping and restaurants.

Things we didn't like...

- We were assigned a pull through spot for our 10 days stay (#122). This particular pull thru had hardly any yard in front of it, which was tolerable until we got a neighbor with a huge slide that came part way into our spot. This made the rest of our stay quite unhappy. Just too close for comfort. Most of the other pull thrus had double the space between them.

- The price!! They took a $50 deposit over the phone, and when we arrived said we had a balance due of $352?!? $405 For 10 nights? Wow. That's pricey. Especially considering their monthly rate is just a bit more.

- Most of the park is 'park models' and single wides. Many of them are for sale - most priced $4-10k, furnished. And the year long rate is only $300/month. This makes it feel less like a 'resort' when the view out your front window is a for sale sign for a cheap house.

We had trouble keeping a solid AT&T signal, and our Verizon was able to get a decent signal at 3G speeds (despite saying it was LTE).

We'd stay here again if other options in the area are full, and specifically ask for a different spot to improve our experience.

Date of Stay:
 February, 2013
Rate Paid:


Pleasant Park in a Great Location!

We have family in the area, and are frequently needing extended stays around town to be nearby. With our favorite, Wickham Park, being closed for renovations - we decided to give this park a shot.

First of all, this is a combo mobile home park and RV Park. The RV spaces are interspersed throughout, so your neighbor may be a long term resident in an old classic single wide - or a fellow RVer. The community while we were there were quite friendly and welcoming.

Make sure you are self contained - as there is no central bath house.

Aside from that, this is an old school park that has been run by the same family for decades. The last long term owner recently passed away, and the younger generation is putting a lot of effort into revitalizing the park. While we were there, many spots received brand new picnic tables, new landscaping went in and Wifi repeaters were installed.

The sites are fairly spacious, we didn't feel too crowded in. It can be a bit difficult to navigate around when you arrive/leave, as everyone is required to park on the streets. But once you're in your spot (someone escorts you to your site), you should be good. Several have trees and landscaping, some are rather sparse.

There are two laundry rooms onsite, trash and recycling.

But the biggest benefit to this place is the location. You're about 1/2 mil from the Atlantic Ocean, and in walking distance to two grocery stores, about 20 restaurants, lots of shopping (Walmart, Office Depot, Bealls, etc.). We hardly had to get in the car, which was fantastic!

Probably not an ideal park if you're just stopping in a couple nights.. but for an extended stay, this place is a gem. We paid $625/month, and stayed 3 months.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2012
Rate Paid:

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