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Reviews of Bay Bayou RV Resort

4 reviews


Snobs. If your RV is more than 10 years old they won?t except you even if you?re a rig is in great shape.

Miranda L.
6 reviews

Full of long term.

Stayed for the weekend in October 2013 and hated it. Seems like a 55+ RV park, not so much for those looking for a quick stay.

Date of Stay:
 October, 2013
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9 reviews

Best by far!

Even though there are over 250 sites, we had plenty of room! There were so many activities but couldn't get to them all. Staff and security were very friendly! Enterprise car rented nearby was very convenient. Would like to come back again!

Date of Stay:
 January, 2013

1 review

Great stay good location

Clean friendly staff nice trees great sites loved being right on the water. The fishing on site was quite good as well. Quite a few restaurants that deliver close by was a plus for us. We will definitely stay here again.

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Road King
1 review

Worst Park EVER

I have been a full time RVer for about 12 years now and have visited many parks across the country. Bay Bayou has to be the worst! Our first full day here we had two things said to us. First was that our mini fridge was not allowed on our patio, at the same time she warned me about my cat coming outside, and as she tells me this, the lady behind us has 2 cats outside, one which was laying on the grill where everyone cooks their food. Next day we are putting up a gazebo and was told we can only enclose one side! A couple of days go by and we are told we can not have our propane tanks sitting outside, the ones that were hooked up to our grill! We said something to the office about the neighbors cats, which turned out to be SIX of them wandering around and on several occasions peeing on our patio!! The BUGS are horrible here. There are mosquitos and sand fleas and no see-ums, and the ANTS are out of control too. There is no jacuzzi for this "Resort". The speed bumps are in need of desperate repair, the drainage system is horrible and floods when it rains. We came back home from a long weekend and couldn't even drive my car through the water it was so deep. There are no concrete slabs, you park on grass or dirt. It was said we can not ride our motorcycle through the park, only out of park and back to our lot. They cater to snow birds, with NO activities or events through the summer. There are people here exempt from the rules, and do whatever they want. The lady with the cats is one of them. We were told they would take care of the cats and have been here for 3 months and NOTHING has been done with those cats that pee on our lot and attack the baby ducks that are walk around here, which you are not supposed to feed, yet people do. You have no access to mail room but when office is open, which is only open for about 6 hours during the day and people that work everyday can't get to their mail unless they wait until they have a day off. The staff here is very unfriendly and seem to be here to only take your money and enforce their outrageous "Rules".
The mosquitos are so big here they could carry you away, and that is what the are doing to us because we are LEAVING!!!

Date of Stay:
 August, 2012

Dog House
10 reviews

Ok park

Not my favorite but only park in area near Westchase. They need to spray for bugs. They are small and bite day & night. Trees need to be trimmed back and leaves racked. We found ourselves clearing our own site of leaves & deprey and calling the office to remove. No garbage cans around the area and garbage area mostly full. Garbage can in dog area only gets dumped maybe once a week so fles gather. On a positive note they had lots of activities, clean laundry area and a nice pool. About $60 per night

Date of Stay:
 March, 2012

Mike Robbins
3 reviews

Bay Bayou

This is not a five star park. There are no concrete pads,you park on grass. The ride in off the interstate is thru city traffic and quite long. We found dog dirt in most of the empty sites.

Car House's picture
Car House
17 reviews

Very nice ...

This park was amazingly nice with security, ponds and a large enclosed dog run.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2010
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