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Ukiah California is NOT RV friendly! I could not find any place in Ukiah to Park my RV. The manager of Manor Oaks Over-Night RV Park told me the rent for a space is $421.00 and he had one space left. The manager said I could reserve the one space left for a deposit of $200.00 and the $200.oo deposit would be deducted from the monthly space rent of $421.00 when I moved in. I gave the manager a $200.oo post-dated check, but when I started to move my RV to the Manor Oaks Over-Night RV Park, the Manager told me I could start paying him the $421.00 a month rent. I told my friend it looks like the manager of Manor Oaks pulled a bait and switch on me and now changed the rental terms on me. When I asked the manager to confirm the rental terms at Manor Oaks he told me me the $200.00 deposit was the fee for reserving the space and allowing him to observe me for one week to make sure I am Manor Oaks material, and the rent after that is $421.00 per month. The Manor Oaks manager told me he does not understand how my friend and I could have misunderstood him and thought that he would deduct the $200.00 deposit from the $421.00 monthly rent. I explained to the manager that my friend and I did not misunderstand him and that is why I noted in the Notes section of the post-dated check that the $200.00 deposit was to be deducted from the $421.00 monthly rent when I moved in. The manager grudgingly returned my deposit check, and I sure am glad I wrote the purpose of the deposit check on the deposit check.

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 February, 2015