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Worst RV park EVER!!

My family and I spent the past four days at Dead Lake Marina RV park in Creola, Alabama. Upon check-in, I was asked if I was in the military and responded, "yes, U.S. Marine Corps". The two workers in attendance stated they were veterans, as well. We connected and shared a few humorous stories. We finished the check-in procedure and departed for our campsite. At first, it appeared to be a nice place, but on the afternoon of day one, we noticed that the board walk entrance was locked with a sign on it that read "closed for maintenance". However, on day two we noticed that they opened the board walk for a wedding, so we were able to check it out. Guess what...NO MAINTENANCE! This was quite disturbing. The next day, I attempted to take our girls for a walk on the pier only to find it locked again with the permanent sign on the gate reading "CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE"! Normally, this would not be a big deal, but at this park without the board walk, the only view that you have is of I-65!!! I asked an employee if he could unlock the gate because it was unlocked for the wedding and he did, but not enthusiastically at all!

You can't help but notice the traffic from I-65 which is a rocks throw from the park and very loud and constant!!! Truckers must love this park because they all honk, honk, honk, honk, honk at the RV's all night long!!!

The last night, we decided to stop avoiding the hordes of mosquitos and build a camp fire to smoke them out. Between the smoke and a layer of Deep Woods Off, I was confident that we would not get a single bite! WRONG!!!! The Creola mosquitos drink DEEP WOODS OFF like a Pina Colada and consider smoke a top shelf cologne!!! After all that and it being the last night, we were trying our best to stay positive and make the best of a very boring and mosquito filled campground.

On the morning of our departure, we turned on the coffee pot and started packing up with ample time to vacate the park before 11:00. For whatever reason, the coffee pot overflowed and cost us some extra time cleaning up. On our way out of the park we pulled up to the front office to retrieve our $40.00 cash deposit.

As I entered, I noticed an older woman at the front desk. I stated "good morning, ma'am". She responded "you forfeited your deposit by not being out of here at 11:00". I was stunned. I immediately checked my watch, time on deck was 11:40! I explained the whole coffee pot issue to her. She stated that "her boss told her to keep our deposit because we were pulling out at 11:40 rather than 11:00 and then he left the park". I asked to speak with a manager and she stated that she was the park manager at that time. I asked if they were going to give us back our deposit and she stated "no"! As a 15 year U.S. Marine Corps Combat Veteran, I was absolutely disgusted with the callousness and lack of understanding. I would not recommend this RV park to anyone, especially VETERANS!!! Allow me to clarify...we are NOT looking for special preference, but rather consideration for unforeseen accidents that happen. Again, we left at 11:40, not 2:00 pm.

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 February, 2018
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