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Alright, not a lot to do.

The blue pool campground was very nice. It was secluded, and the river was beautiful. We chose blue pool campground because of the hot springs and it looked like a suitable place for swimming. The hot springs were a quarter mile down the highway. You probably could've bush whacked down the river if you wanted, but it didn't seem like there was a trail that actually led to the hot springs. So we drove there. That was disappointing. The blue pool doesn't exist anymore. We talked to the ranger and he said blue pool used to be 20 feet deep and clear and blue as the name suggests, but a few years ago the river took a different course and blue pool went away. That was also a disappointment. Overall it was a tranquil, quiet campground. But not quite what we were looking for. The following night we moved to salmon creek campground, which was much more of what we were looking for.

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 August, 2011
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