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Stayed at this park since 2005. Next trip, we will find another park. Not sure why it has changed but our motto for this park now: no thanks.

Railroad tracks and trains are just across the freeway. We know this and requested a spot at the south side of the park, preferably on the end, via email reservation. When we arrived we had been given a slot on the north side of the park, in middle of the row. A slot in other end of the park (where we requested) was open for anyone coming into the park so we took it instead. Next morning we were told it was sold out for the week we planned to stay, and we would have to move to a slot right next to the road. We were hesitant but decided to stay the week as we had already paid. have been here for 4 days now -- that slot we were originally in is vacant everyday by Noon.

Woman at the front desk was not friendly. She was angry that we did not stay in our assigned spot (even though this space was open for anyone in the area where we requested to stay), and told us they had only 1 slot open for the week in the south area of the park. Can't figure out why we could not stay in it for the week. all spaces rent for the same price, and our money is as good as the next. AND, every day by noon the south area is empty of all but 5 rigs, including ours. That includes the slot we were originally in the first night being emptied every day.

The grounds are immaculate. However, this trip, the showers and dressing areas look like they have not been cleaned in quite some time. One shower head is so encrusted with calcium, the water sprays everywhere but down. The other shower, well powder all over the place so dangerous to use. Clearly no one from the park has been in to survey the bathrooms recently as it has been that way for at least a day. No shower curtains so dry clothes and towels get splashed with water regardless of the shower head condition. If you shower in your rig, I suppose this will not matter to you. I have long hair and prefer to wash it in a standard shower.

Don't know where ANYONE stayed in *THIS PARK* that said it was quiet because this is the NOISIEST park we stay at on our 2500 mile trip due to the TRAINS which very much enjoy RUNNING ALL NIGHT long (EVERY NIGHT), and playing their LOUD HORNS as they pass by the railroad crossing about 1/4 mile away (maybe closer). The NOISE TRAVELS. Ear plugs help with our sleep, and I would NOT STAY HERE without them.

In the future, we will NOT STAY HERE anymore. We will plan our trip to skip this park. The other parks in the area are right on the train tracks, on the other side of the freeway; thus, why we have stayed here for several years. It is the first park before the Tehachapi pass going east, and the first park coming into the Valley from the Tehachapi going west. Hence, it is close to full every night with those passing through.

While oranges are fun to pick, oranges are only available during the season which I think is Jan-March. A lot of trades to simply have access to "free" oranges on a tree (paid for through your pricey space rent). Go around the corner to the California Fruit Depot and instead, pick up fresh oranges, and travel to a genuinely peaceful, clean park. This park is no longer a park of choice for us. Disappointing -- the last 2 stops (Dec 2012 and February 2013).

We no longer recommend this park as we once did.

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 February, 2013
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