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Needs work

Odetah is a nice place if you camp via a trailer and the weather cooperates. It seems like the kind of place that you can sit around your trailer and party and drink while your kids run amuk without supervision.
We had a lakeside site but the lake was at least 1/3 dried up (right in front of our site).
This wasn't their fault, but they should have told us and then we could have requested another site.
They also didn't tell us that the many amenities that they offer (mini golf, Oasis food stand, game room) were not open during the week.
For me, camping is in a tent, with trees around. They have too many rules regarding hanging anything from trees. Unfortunately, it rained the week we were there and there were no trees to hang our tarps from. Of course, it was against the rules to hang anything from trees, so, even if there were trees to hang the tarps from, they would have objected. We have camped many times in the rain, and as long as there is a place to hang our tarps from, we were fine. This is the first time ever that we had to stay in our tent and watch our campfire from it.
The seasonal trailer campsites looked pretty trashy. Lots of junk piled up around the trailers and the home-made decks looked in need of upgrades.
We had a lake-side site. It was really small and no privacy. Our "mud-side site" sloped down toward the once existant water. There is a heavily travelled road on the other side of the lake, so all we heard, all night long, was the traffic and loud music emminating from the cars. The higher elevation tent sites may have been better, but we were so discouraged, that we didn't even look at those sites.
The off-season rate for a tent, without electricity was $32.00/night.
If you like serenity (as their brochures states) and you camp in a tent, don't come here.

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 September, 2010
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