Updated iPhone App Now Available

As of this afternoon, we now have a new version of our iPhone and iPad apps available in the Apple App Store. I wanted to give a special thanks to our community for this update. We received a smattering of reports of people have trouble with the app crashing. We had a very difficult time repeating the problem in our test environments and on our own phones, but thanks to our community, we were able to track down the problem. It's now been fixed so please update the app to get the latest version.

A few other items of note:

  • We now feature information on 19,855 RV parks in the U.S. We're getting pretty close to full coverage (or as full as we think can get), but we definitely want to hit 20,000.
  • Our main website and our mobile website (m.rvparking.com) always have the most up to date information, but the iPhone app will lag behind a little bit. We designed the app to work without an Internet connection since you can't always count on getting a good signal while you're roaming the backwoods. The downside is that you have to update the app to get that latest information. So if you ever send us a suggested correction or a new park, it will be updated on the web site right away, but will take some time to show up in the app.

Again, our apologies to anyone that was inconvenienced by the bug and thanks for reporting the problem.