Guestblog for Us

We are constantly working on crafting up new blog series ideas and reaching out to our RV Community contacts for their help on our wide array of blog topics. Until now guestblogging has been sort of like the secret menu at your favorite burger joint that only the locals know about. But we want all of our blog readers and site users to have the opportunity to work with us (should you want to). So we'll do our best to regularly update this page with the upcoming post topics that we're working on. If something speaks to you then please email our community manager, Nicole, for more information.


  • You don't need to be a full timer in order to apply.
  • You also don't have to be someone who mostly stays at RV parks, since we have had boondockers such as Rene and Jim from LiveWorkDream guest blog for us in the past.
  • We just ask that you have some experience in the article topic and are an avid RVer.

The Perks - Writing an article is hard work. In exchange for your cooperation we do give all of our guestbloggers the opportunity to include links back to their own blog in their guest post and/or in the short bio included in each of your published articles.

Current Series
Eco-Friendly RVing -
Tara from contributed her "Eco-Friendly Tips for RV Living" for this series and our contest winners Rene and Jim Agredano of LiveWorkDream shared their tips for how to be a water conservation warrior while on the road. We are open to suggestions for future posts. In general we're looking for someone that strives to find ways of living greener while out on the road.

RVing with Kids - This series focuses on how families make their close quarters work on the road.

Getting Online from the Road - WiFi is a big topic for many of our readers. This has been one of our most popular post series. Read posts from this series here.

Solo Woman RVers - The first post in this series is by Judy Patton of Ladynomad on the Road to Nowhere. Topic suggestions for future posts are very much welcome. We are looking for solo woman RVers who wish to share advice with other solo women RVers. If that's you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

* Upcoming  Series - We (especially) need guestbloggers for these topics
Post series name TBD - we're still going back & forth with the name of this upcoming blog series but the gist of it is that we'll be asking RVers to sign up for a guestblogging post for a certain area (either by city or state region). You'll write a short introduction with your thoughts on the area. Then the rest of the post will be 3-5 RV park reviews written by you & taken from our main site. The idea being for there to be a list of  recommended RV Parks by you for other RVers that are going to a new location for the 1st time.

The 1st posts in this series were Snowbird themed (with a different guestblogger for each part). We're looking for people who would like to write about popular spring and summer destinations, now that snowbird season is coming to an end. Please email us if this sounds like something that you can do.

You Tell Us
Is there a topic you'd like to see covered on the blog? Please let us know.