Tips for Writing a Review

Please use upper and lower case. Proper names and sentences should begin with capitals; do not write in all capitals, this is considered shouting.
Use the specific city and state closest to the campground if you are reviewing a new campground. In those cases where the campground is located outside the boundaries of a city, indicate its distance from the edge of the town, e.g., 5 miles south of Lena.
Be sure to use the complete name of the campground, e.g., Billy’s Edgewater Camp rather than Edgewater Camp.
Think about what you would like to know if you were looking for a campsite. That’s probably what others want. Include all of those facts in the review. If you think the park would interest people with children, point out why. If you think it wouldn’t, indicate why. For example, ‘There is no play area and no pool.’ If the campground has some drawbacks, point them out. For example, ‘the constant truck traffic on the nearby expressway kept us awake.’
Here are some of the things your fellow campers would like to know about:

  • Trees—Are most of the sites shaded, open, small trees? Are the trees trimmed so they aren’t a problem getting into the site? Are there low branches?
  • Level sites—Are most sites level, need some leveling, need lots of leveling?
  • WiFi—Is it free? Can you access it everywhere in the campground?
  • TV—Cable? How many channels? Reception—good, bad, indifferent?
  • Composition of sites—blacktop, gravel, grass?
  • General feeling of the campground—Does it appear to be well-maintained, a bit run down, really run down?
  • Restrooms and showers—Clean? Bright? Do the showers have places to hang your clothes, a stool to sit on while you dry your feet, have ample room in the shower itself? Is the shower curtained off so your clothes don’t get wet? Is the shower in its own room?
  • Discounts—Good Sam, AARP, etc.
  • Dates—When does the campground open for the season? When does it close?
  • Size of sites—We know what the parks say about big rigs, pull thrus etc., but does the park really provide ease of access for these? What kind of rig did you camp with? How did you feel about the space between the sites?
  • Good/bad sites—If there are specific sites that you thought were really good or bad, let us know.
  • Activities—In the park and nearby? Game room? Mini-golf? Park sponsored activities? Bike trails? On road biking? Hiking trails?
  • Stores—Park store, walk-to stores, and area stores? Well stocked? Barely adequate? Non-existent?
  • Would you stay again?

Make it personal; something special that appealed to you or set the park apart for better or worse.