Rapid City RV Park & Campground (Formerly Lazy J RV Park & Campground)

4110 South Highway 16
Rapid City, SD 57701

(605) 342-2751
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Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover

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Traveler Tips

Traveler Reviews

Butch W.
7 reviews

Not big rig friendly

Spaces ore gravel and very close together, my rig is 40ft long, It was close getting parked and getting out. Staff was friendly WiFi was poor. We did not use the laundry or showers. Water system went out while we were here, took over 24hours to repair.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2017

Larry R.
10 reviews


Excellent location for touring the Southern Black Hills. Do NOT ENTER PARK FROM DOWNTOWN. There is major construction. Call owners for local knowledge. Good water pressure. WIFI dropped out frequently. We are bikers and found owners quite friendly and helpful and accommodating. Terraced sites are steep and a bit snug but quite workable. Phenomenal views of the city. ATT cell phone satisfactory. Would rate 3.5.

Owner Reply:  (Thomas s.)

Thank you for staying with us and the review. It took me three years, but we finally in mid June got the new mesh wifi system up and running with the new fiber optic service, it's streaming fast now!

safe travels

James J.
1 review

Sturgis Rally Bikers Beware

Considering this RV park is on the edge of the Black Hills and 25 miles from Sturgis, you would think the management would cater to motorcyclists. However, this is not the fact. The site is not only steep and gravelly. But there are numerous onsite road hazards, potholes, trenches, etc.
They have a Quiet time policy which was apparently not adopted with motorcycles in mind.

BE advised, the owners here are happy to take your money with a plastic smile on their face. The truth is, they hate bikes, noisy pipes, and the people who ride them. They will put you and your camping party in the most secluded and farthest spots from shower/laundry, exit.

The lower level access is about an 8% grade of gravel and dirt, and if raining, you will be lucky to get a bike out of there without being covered with mud at best.

If you want to give your hard earned vacation money to people whom consider "Motorcyclists" a lower life form than RV'ers. And be treated accordingly. . . .this is the place for you..

I would suggest Any alternative to this place would have to be an improvement!

Date of Stay:
 May, 2017
Rate Paid:
Owner Reply:  (Thomas s.)

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your visit here, we cater to everyone not just bikes nor RV's. I own and operate this park and have been riding motorcycles since I was 15, over 40 years, mini bikes when I was 9, if you had looked in the garage you would have seen my black and chrome motorcycle in there. Yes our 25 dollar a tent sites are on the lower levels, that's how the person who built the park in 1965 designed it. There is no gravel and dirt 8% grade in this park, but to our lowest, the 4th level, there is a sharp steep turn that is concrete, but it was closed when you were here and you were not down there. l suggest next time in the area staying in elsewhere, not here. I love bikers but not liars, which you are, with this, your one and only post.
Have a safe ride.

PS The new internet fiber optic streaming wifi is awesome.

Owner Reply:  (Thomas s.)

BTW I want to thank you and Mark, the other one star, only one review reviewers just below this one, who stayed here together for trashing my park, that make me think again maybe I should just sell this park to the next developer that offers me big money for the land, and take the money and run. All this work and money put in this place for the last 3 years to make this the best park, and more to go. But because people like you two ruin it for others, maybe Rapid City needs another retirement community instead of a campground.

Mark F.
1 review

Maintenance Issues

This is a VERY Old park, if you are a Senior, or handicapped in any way, you will want to avoid this place. The place is Steep, the pavement is broken, patched, irregular, Dangerous. Watch your step! Lighting at night is POOR at best.
The good points, the Wi-Fi is very weak, the water has not been flushed for the season or the pipes are bad...the water has a rust color and bad taste. The shower house is Dated, low water pressure and not much hot water. The place smells like sewage. The sites are over 50 years old, are not level, and access is Tight. Obviously not designed for large units. . .There were several open ditches where repairs are being made, without proper if any, safety barriers etc. With poor lighting, an accident waiting to happen. The electrical service is antique and un dependable.
Unless you are driving a small rig and desperately need to stop, I would avoid this Site!

The owners are evidently new, stressed, and not completely honest when describing the amenities of this campground. Expect them to be short on patience, high on price, helpful if they have to be. Good luck!

Date of Stay:
 June, 2017
Rate Paid:
Owner Reply:  (Thomas s.)

Hello and thank you for taking the time to write your first review on this site ever about us. Let's clarify a few things. First, for $25 a night you were on a tent site, if that's expensive to you maybe stay in your car and use Mc Donalds bathroom next time, our middle bathroom on the main tent level was remodeled last year, the main level the year before and re-painted this year, they are nice, and have plenty of hot water, your the only person all year to mention anything about hot water., very untrue, if there was a issue I would have fixed it. We were finishing putting in a new line on our second level this spring, and some water lines on our main level, upgrading the park, so yes there was construction going on. You were not on our RV level so any comment you have about tight sites for large units is mute, you don't know, you were on the tent level, not a rv level nor in a RV. Water pressure runs between 50 and 60 pounds, sorry that isn't enough for you, there is nothing wrong with our electric system, I only get short on patience when dealing with people that lie. safe travels.

Jean K.
23 reviews

Helpful staff

Friendly people work here. Grounds are rustic, tent area seems nice when we walked down to it. Upper area is almost all terraced spots. Good night view of the city.

Date of Stay:
 May, 2017
Owner Reply:  (Thomas s.)

I am glad you enjoyed your stay with us, and we hope to see you again. Safe travels.

Connie F.
29 reviews

Wrong name!!!

This park is now the Rapid City RV Park & Campground. We stayed 2 nights in our 40 ft class A. This is an old park that is showing its age. There are new owners that are working on improvements. They were very nice & helpful in getting us into a space that was comfortable. The spaces are pretty close but they are terraced on levels so you don't feel quite as tight. The spaces need some work but that will take time. If you are looking for luxury this isn't your place. If you want a nice quiet place to park convenient to the area attractions you will be fine. It has some very nice views. I think in the next year this will be a much improved park. Good luck to the new owners!!!

Date of Stay:
 July, 2015
Rate Paid:
Owner Reply:  (Thomas s.)

Thank you for staying with us, and we are getting close to doing the final phase of remodeling the park, fixing the sites. We have spent the last three years upgrading the infrastructure, next year we hope to finally be able to finish by fixing the sites, had to fix underground before above. When you come back I think you will like the improvements. Safe travels.