Tres Rios RV River Resort

2322 CR 312
Glen Rose, TX 76043

(254) 897-4253
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Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

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Traveler Tips

This is a private, membership only resort.

Traveler Reviews

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1 review

Its was better than I expected

After reading through thread after thread (other sites) about how dreadful this place was I was not expecting too much. Our friends wanted to take a trip that was close to Dallas and Tres Rios fit the bill for them so we tagged along. They stayed in one of the cabins, and we had a pull thru spot next to them.

1)This is a semi-private campsite...Their website had a free weekend if we took the 90 minute tour. Based off other websites we set the expectation of 2 hours and that's what it took. My wife and I went in with a plan and stuck to it. The tour took about about 1 hour and 45 minutes with a 15 minute sales pitch. At that point we shook the closers hand, said no thank you and walked away. They tried the usual methods on a hard sale, but if you are ready for it then 3 free nights are worth 2 hours. Tres Rios does not take reservation. If you are not a member, and do not want the tour, call the day you travel to see if they have a spot.

2) The pool was full and cold - 90+ temps in the sun and the pool was in the low 70s.

3) Our kids enjoyed movie night in the pavillion, the playgroud was well shaded, horseshoes were not. Adult volleyball night with the staff and other guest was a blast.

4) The river is tough to get in. There is a 20 foot drop to the water. However the creek is not, if you know where to look, and is a gentle slide into the river. We were able to tube down the last 100 yards of the creek and it put us into the river. The exit was just as easy.

5) Attractions around Glen Rose are plentiful for kids and adults.

6) The noise control, 10pm, was good, but not over the top.

7) If you go to tube the Brazos rent... The pickup is on private property and you are not guaranteed a ride back to your vehical.

8) This is an older campground... They can say they are making improvements all the time, but at the end of the day it is still an old campground.

9) You are going to set up on grass, but heck if you are in West Texas you're gonna set up on dirt. There were no pads etc...

10) The staff is on par for just about any company. About half of them asked how we were, said hello, and acted like they wanted to be there, the other half were just there for a paycheck. I did find it interesting that a lot of the staff were volunteers. I am not sure if that didn't account for the latter half.

All in all it was what I expected and we enjoyed the trip. The rig had no issues and everyone came home safe. If you do your research this place will hit the mark on what most are saying.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2012

1 review


Avoid this place. We joined in 2009 and none of the things they promised have actually happened. They just called me about a ditz invoice that will be sent out in December and due in January. They said if we didn't pay it they would take it to a higher authority. Apparently they are strapped for money. The employees are rude, the facility is nasty and dirty and the amenities are non-existant. I wouldn't even want my dog there for fear of what they might catch. I would like to hear from other people that have had similar experiences with Tres Rios. [email protected]

Date of Stay:
 September, 2009

1 review

Hot dry dissapointment

Upon our arrival we noticed that our 50amp site is just grass & sand. This tells us not to be camping here when rain threatens unless we want mud tracked into our $50,000 camper...?!?
It was hot & we were looking forward to swimming in their "large pool" which we found to be EMPTY...?!?
we looked at the river but it said swim at own risk ?!? (even lakes have a swimming area ) it looks dangerous & the water level was low due to the drought. Guess we wont be getting wet & cooling off on this trip. If we had been informed of this ahead of time, as would be considerate & professional of the owners we couldve post poned our trip til the pool was fixed.
We camped at yogi bear park south of burleson tx 2wks ago & their whole park was nice & they had 2 FILLED pools & a FILLED hot tub. (that whole county is on water restrictions too). Now my hubby says we have to go thru a sales pitch at 9am..?!? (why so early.?? Im on vacation!?!!) well as long as this facility has been here im surprised at the blantant lack of development..??? & to top it all off at our 50amp site we only get 2bars out of 3 on the very slow wifi & we are having problems staying connected..??? Every rv park we have been to before has had cable tv unless it was a "dive" (forgive the pool pun)
Oh..! & one more thing ive never ever seen so many highly detailed rules & we have been camping from coast to coast..!?! You will find this review on all the large rv park consumers site before long. (no thanks needed its my pleasure). (its customary to put your best foot forward & have "the place" all spic & span in working order BEFORE you send out envites to guests to visit you. I think we caught yall w your britches down :-(
(this is what i sent the management)
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