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1973 airstream argosy
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looky-loo review, san diego.

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Here’s the looky loo scoop.
If you want to stay super close
to everything in San Diego,this is the place. It is convenient to everywhere within 10-15 minutes tops. It’s located just off Pacific Beach, you can bike to the beach, although it might be a little tough on kids.
Mission Bay Park, you about is 5 minutes away, and La Jolla Cove is just two miles down the road.

The park offers fantastic deals for a month long stay. In the off season, just $595 + electric.You can’t beat this for a whole month and have warm weather.

It is tucked away on a no thru street with a train running on one side, and an interstate on the other. If you want silence, go to the country not the city, it is not silent when you are between a train & a hwy… But! this did not bother us one little bit, we love the sound of trains passing and we expect traffic in a city.

The park is relatively small, which is very nice (without being so small to not have availability). It has lots of trees & greenery and all of the facilities (pictured) were always clean & ready to go. The bathrooms were great, spacious, clean, and in 30 days I only had one time that I was in the
shower and another shower was in use. Clean & private, perfecto!!

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 February, 2011
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looky-loo review, san antonio, tx

For full photos of this RV park go to our website, www.wanderingairstream.com
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We stayed at The Blazing Star outside of San Antonio, Texas for two nights…The looky-loo review gives it a paws up. It is very clean, well-organized and has a nice pool and laundry facility.

It is about 20 minutes outside of San Antonio. The campgrounds that are closer in to the city are in a bit of a sketchier neighborhood, so we passed and stayed outside of the city. If you were visiting with plans to go to Sea World, this is the place,it is minutes away.

The bathrooms were nice, clean, decent hot water.. and each room was private with bath/toilet/etc. Very nice instead of a large room with just stalls for showers.
Also, 99% of the people we were camping around had large bus RV’s and never even used the bath house.

The big negative, and reason we didn’t stay longer and see the city a bit more was cost.It starts at $45 a night, so two nights in and we were out a benjamin.With long term travel plans, this is not ideal.We needed to stop somewhere with good availability to supplies we still needed,and this fit the bill and served it’s purpose, but we couldn’t linger.

If price is not an issue,except for the fact that you are packed in next to your neighbors,(unlike you would be if a state park were available), the place was great.

Date of Stay:
 January, 2011
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looky-loo review, new orleans.

For full photos of this campground go to our website, www.wanderingairstream.com Here's the direct link for the review..

Ok.. Our first camping ever in little eddie was at the Bayou Segnette State Park on the Westbank,across the Mississippi from New Orleans.We are going to use State Parks whenever possible, they are typically well maintained,and are a huge money saver.State Parks are half the cost if not more than a privately owned RV park.

This park was stated at $18 per night, however upon check-in they charge an additional $6,a fee if you haven’t stayed with them before.They do not honor the National Park Pass.(no parks in Louisiana honor them unless you are a state resident)

The park is quite large, and has some pretty lakes, etc.
(the weather was bitter cold and windy so not too many pics!)
We had a spacious camp site as you can see in the picture and a nice deck and firepit all ready to go.

Our stay was brief, only 2 nights, but here is our thoughts for future travelers:

If you want to take full advantage of the nightlife of New Orleans, this might not be for you,as it is about 20 minutes outside of the city.
However… we drove past the area that boasts the closest RV sites to the French Quarter (there are multiple RV places on this same road)…and there is no way we would ever stay in this area.It is rough, the quarters are minuscule, to the point I don’t even know how people get in & out.In short, the drive might be more worth it than you would think, and you could take advantage of the ferry (to keep your drive to a minimum) as it runs till 12:15 a.m.We weren’t partaking of the nightlife so this was a non issue for us.

The last picture is important because the route you take in to your campsite is along this long road of construction and it is going all day, everyday, and is very very loud.Depending on where you are in the campground the noise would be an issue, especially if you planned on actually being at your site during the day. We were not and sleep with a noisy fan at night so no biggie.

The other concern would be the swamp water. There are channels that run behind all of the campsites.. they are mostly stagnant and even in high 50′s there were mosquitos everywhere.
In any amount of warm weather you would be eaten alive.
The bathrooms were clean, not overly exciting, but clean and plenty of hot water,men & women’s… so overall not bad.

Bottom line:
We would stay there again, only in cold or cool weather, we would be very careful to pre-pick where our spot was on the grounds, and with these few forewarnings feel you can make a good decision.

Over & Out.

Date of Stay:
 January, 2011
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our favorite little spot in texas

We love Marathon, and the Marathon Motel & RV.

Here's our review..check our website, www.wanderingairstream.com for full photos of the park!
here's the link..

From the moment we pulled into town we knew it was a special place.
The views are spectacular… pop over here and check out the sunsets.
The M.M.&RV gets a full 8 paw rating.

The grounds are very nice and come with extras…stocked fireplace, large fire pits scattered on the property,benches facing the various views, and everything is extremely well maintained.

The bathroom was one single for men, one for women,
each were large, with a wall heater for chilly mornings.
Although there was only one, we never went at any time and had to wait.Lots of people (as we are finding everywhere) don’t use them at all.

The town of Marathon is small, one main street, a definite feeling of community.The towns people we encountered were all very friendly.
The main busy months are April-August with Christmas and Thanksgiving filling up as well.We visited neighboring towns Alpine & Marfa and enjoyed both but Marathon was our favorite.Many factors played into this but without hesitation, the M.M.&RV was a huge reason.

We could have stayed here for much longer but eddie needed work done…and the one thing they don’t have is places for parts.No Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart… nada.

The other thing we noticed and very much enjoyed is that all along 90 West,and within these towns, no billboards, no signs at all really to spoil the view.

We will miss this place, it will stay with us in a way that other places will fade away,and we will most definitely go back.If you get a chance, make sure to stop in….especially if you can just sit back and enjoy the view without needing to go and do.
You’re going to love it.

Date of Stay:
 January, 2011
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