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Drunken redneck heaven

We stayed at this park last year and were very pleased. It was a little rough but the owner had just bought the park and was doing a lot of work around to make it nice. So when we knew we were headed back to the area, of course we headed right back.
In the year between our visits it seems the owner has totally given up on the place. The house that the owner lived in on site is now abandoned. In fact there are 2 abandoned buildings on site.
The lawn is un-mowed. The many dogs that have run of the park leave their poop all over and no one cleans up after their dogs. I have counted no less then 20 wild cats.
Last year there was wifi and the marque as you pull up says wifi. When the owners agent was asked if there is wifi she said yes. After we gave money for a month stay and hooked up we found no wifi. We called the agent and she said the wifi is "broken" and would be fixed in a couple of days. After a week we asked for a refund in the amount remaining in the month and would move on, no harm no foul, we were told no refunds. Bottom line I would avoid this place like the plague.
O, by the way the new biker bar next door with blaring live music out back all day on the weekends might be a plus to some but is not conducive to relaxing afternoon naps.

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