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Very Nice RV Park

We stayed here because we couldn't get into the RV park we really wanted to stay at but as it turned out, we were very happy to be here.
We were assigned a pull through site #79 with full hook ups. We were facing East so the sun came up on the passenger side of our motor home which meant we would have afternoon shade. Our site did not have any mature trees but it did have a nice level concrete pad long enough for our 39ft motor home and our CRV in front of it. Site #79 is the 2nd from the last site in the row so we were close to the casino which was across the freeway.
We did not ever hear any freeway noise or any traffic noise from the street. On Saturday night, the casino had an outside concert which we were able to hear very well. However, because the weather turned bad with lightening and rain, we believe they had to end it early so the music stopped around 8pm.
The park is very quiet and very, very clean. The will pick up your trash bags if you leave them out in front of your site before 8am. However, this means that there are no trashcans around the park. There are two dumpsters over by the dog run which is really out of sight of the park.
We have a dog so we had to walk him all the way to the front of the park and a little beyond to the pet area. It's nothing to write home about, just dirt and some weeds, but I guess the dogs don't mind it. But it is clean because MOST people pick up after their dogs.
The drive into Sedona is about 20 minutes which we made every day and sometimes, twice a day. I liked the location of the park because it was not congested with traffic or shopping.
I know there were complaints about having to obtain a key for the restrooms, but I did not encounter this problem because I never found the need to use the park's restrooms. I guess if you choose not to use your restroom in your rig, then you would have to use the park's restroom and I think it is a good idea for them to know who uses the restroom just in case something is damaged or broken, they would know who was in there. I also think it's a good idea to have a clean restroom/shower if you needed to use the restroom.
I really like this park and I would come here again when we return to the area.
The employees are very nice and friendly here too.

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 September, 2011
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Very peaceful wonderful place to spend some time

We were told about this campground by my sister-in-law and my husband (her brother) was a little concerned when we could not even find this campground on any map or RV campground application (such as this one 'RVparking.com) but we went anyway.
When we got into the (very small) town of Quemado, NM, we had to asked for directions to the campground. It is about 15 miles off hwy 32 on hwy 103 down to the lake and campgrounds.
We disconnected our car at the lake so we could drive up to the campground to check it out before driving the motor home up because the pavement ended at the boat ramp at the lake. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the campground would accommodate our 39 ft. motor home. Since we arrived on Sept. 5, 2011 the campground was pretty empty because most of the people that were there for the three day weekend were all gone. We lucked out and got space 13 which is the BEST site in the loop with electric and water hookups.
The campground is surrounded with big pine trees, bushes and wild flowers. There are picnic tables and fire pits in each site. There are other sites (with E & W) which overlook the beautiful lake below. There is another loop in the Juniper campground which does not have any hookups but it was just as nice.
The camp hosts are very nice and friendly and keep the restrooms very clean as well as the campgrounds.
If you want to use your cell phone, good luck. I have Verizon and I did receive one phone call and was able to make one phone call as well as get a few data updates but it was very few and unpredictable. We had to drive into the small town of Quemado to get a little better cell phone service.
The campground was very quiet and very dark at night which is how we like it.
We did experience a few thunderstorms during the whole week we were there but it never really lasted very long and we had beautiful days for the most part.
Since this is a more rustic type of campground, you will need to pay with a check or cash. There are envelopes provided for you to put your payment into the metal tube next to the bulletin board. The hosts do not deal with taking any payments.
On the down side of this campground, if you go on a busy weekend you may experience very cramp campsites because there are sites where it is allocated for three RVs. So if you have an RV with slides and the person next to you has slides, you may not be able to get them all the way out or get them out at all. We were pretty lucky because we were in site 13 and we had an RV in site 15 so there was no one in site 14 which meant we had some breathing room between us. I think if there was 3 RVs in there you could probably see and hear your neighbors (not good).
There are a few other campground when you continue up the road on hwy 103 but they do not have any hookups. There is however a dump station in one of those campgrounds that you can use for a small fee of $5.00.
All in all, if we ever get the chance to go back there, I know we will because we love this kind of campground and I would recommend this to anyone who loves to RV but have some peace and quiet. If you are looking for a campground with shopping and dining, this is not the place for you.

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 September, 2011
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If you value your sleep, don't stay here

Although this is a nice park, the train tracks run right in front of it so that means that you will get a rude awakening several times during the night.

We thought that the tracks would only be used by the RailRunner here in Albuquerque, NM. Boy were we wrong.

We pulled in here on Monday, August 29, 2011 to stay for a week because my younger sister lives here and I wanted to visit with her since I've not seen her for several years. This park happens to be about 15 minutes away from her home so we thought it would be nice to be close to her. We did not know that we would have to give up our sleep in order to do that. There are freight trains, the Amtrack and the RailRunner trains that come by here, although the RailRunner does not come through during the night like the others do. So we have not had a decent night's sleep since we got here and I can hardly wait to leave tomorrow, September 5, 2011.

As for the park, well it's just OK. There is a fishing lake at the back of the park which locals use to do their fishing. They don't bother the RV'ers for the most part but it's kind of weird to have so many people in the park who are not actually staying here.
The sites are laid out weird too. Your rig or trailer/5th wheel is situated so that your sewer hose are right in front of the rig behind you. If you want to have your door in front of the grass, you need to be more to the front of the site, but then you'll need about 3 or 4 20' sewer hose connected to reach the connection. So in order to reach the sewer connection, you need to have your rig toward the back of the site and that will put you right in front of the sewer hose of the rig in front of you.
There are very few trees and the trees that are here are pretty small so they don't really give you too much shade. The roads in between sites are a little narrow and have HUGE pot holes that get filled with water when it rains. Although the park did fill up a few pot holes since we have been here, they did not fill up the ones right in front of our rig so I guess we'll be going through a big puddle when we leave.

There really isn't a dog run to speak of, so we just take out dog over to the lake area and we ALWAYS clean up after our dog. It seems that some people think that because they can walk their dogs over by the lake, they don't have to pick up after them, shame on them.
I know we will never again stay at this park because if the trains. However, it the trains were not here, I still don't think we would stay here because of the way the sites are set up. I would rather drive 12 miles or more to visit with my sister the next time we come out here to Albuquerque.

I also wanted to add that although this park indicates that there is WIFI, it is only available in or near the office/store. It DOES NOT connect if you are trying to connect from your RV. Since we have our own SPRINT WiFi we didn't really have a problem getting connected to the internet.

We also have Verizon cell phone and never had a problem with making or receiving calls because the service is very good for both Verizon and Sprint.

Date of Stay:
 September, 2011
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This RV park is just ok

We stayed here because it looked like we would have a little more shade then at Santa Fe Skies RV park. The first site they put us in was a pull thru but it was so narrow we could barely walk down the passenger side of our 39 ft coach. We ask to be moved the next day and they put us in a big rig pull thru site (128) towards the front of the park. It was longer but still narrow and pretty much no shade. Although we were facing the road it was the wrong direction for afternoon shade. Even if we put our awing out we wouldn't have shade on the passenger side of the rig which is where we put our chairs out. All the shade was on the driver side of the rig but who wants to sit by your sewer hoses? So the days that we were at the park in the afternoon, we stayed inside.
This park does however have a nice pool and playground for folks who travel with children. The laundry room on the other hand was not my favorite. It's bad enough I even have to wash clothes but to have to do it in an old run down laundry room is the pits. The machines were old and needed some cleaning and there was no sink or paper towels. I found a dirty old sink outside the LR but still no paper towels. It cost $2 per load and $1 per dryer. Too expensive!
The dig run area was disgusting to say the least! There were bugs EVERYWHERE! I don't mean just ants but bugs like flies, ants, and even termites. I hated taking my dog in there so I would walk him around the park and just cleaned up after him.
It rained almost every night so the place was a bit muddy most of the time. They tried to fix the roads after each hard rain but it was still just so muddy. I know they can't stop the rain but it would be nice if the roads were asphalt. I dint know, maybe that's asking for too much of this park.
If we are ever in the area again, I think we'll be staying at the Santa Fe KOA which is about a mile up the road from this park and the sites are facing the correct way to provide afternoon shade.
A good thing about this park is that its not too far from downtown Santa Fe.
Oh yea, one last thing that bugged me. We actually stayed here for a week but didn't get the weekly rate because we paid for 3 nights at first and when we moved to the second site we paid for additional 4 nights. We were told we couldn't get the weekly break because of the way we paid. Pretty stupid!
So I'm not real sure of how much we paid per night bout it might have been between $35-$40 a night.

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