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I "ALMOST" Stayed Here!!!!

I rented a lot in park in advance of moving in. I made it Very Clear that before I moved in, they Must update the power box on the lot I rented. EVERY park we ever stayed in had a plug in for your RV power cord and two regular plug ins for other 110 plug ins for other electrical outles. After already transfering our mail and arranging cable to be installed on the day we were to move in, I was told by the manager that the owner said, He was not going to add the other two outlets for me or anyone else! The cost for the two outlets and a new face plate was a minimal cost to the park, but he chose to lose a new $285 a month account rather than make the change! ...AND, His attitude! WOW! He did us a FAVOR! I should have known when I saw the shortcuts in their mens room that had been taken on the plumbing instead of repairing it correctly when I preinspected it !! We DO NOT recommend renting Here!

Date of Stay:
 February, 2012