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Not too bad.

This park has been undergoing many renovations so I have no doubts that it will be one day be a true desert oasis.
My first opinion wasn't very good, but after staying there for a few months the place kind of grows on you. We were there on an "off" season. This area caters to the "Snow Birds" and I had learned quickly that most often the "attitudes" of these parks in this area show that quite clearly. The manager was here awesome. Very friendly and didn't have the same demeanor that other parks had.
There's a nice pool, a hot tub, and "mostly" friendly people. It's reasonably priced.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2012


If yo can avoid the owner it's not too bad.

No no and no! Love the scenery. Sam had a good idea when he made this park, but his daughter obviously does not have the same vision. Stayed here 5 months with a group of people who travel for work and Debbie did everything she could to make sure it was a miserable experience for all. Mean woman! If she can be avoided the place isn't too bad. Lots of kids ( a plus because I wanted kids for mine to play with) but lots of rules too, some of which are a little much. But you MUST obey them at all cost.She has cameras everywhere and watches them constantly. There is no off time for this woman! And there is no forgetting a rule.....ever. Some of the other staff....Kevin, Mike, Adrian and Eve are GREAT! Friendly and just good people all the way around! The park itself is okay, I like the rustic appeal, but I've seen nicer. It's clean enough and my children loved the fish pond. Debbie really ruins this place. Watch out for thieves, its not safe to leave stuff outside, or locked up inside for that matter. And when you arrive, photograph your electric meter, she will over charge on checkout! Good Luck to all who choose to venture here anyway!

Date of Stay:
 April, 2012
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