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Nacogdoches, Texas
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1992 Keystone Hideout
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site is run down...mgrs. are rude and backstabbers...the green cabin's are 650.00 month and the people there are NOT paying any rent...the cops are called out there all the time cause the green cabins are dealing drugs and the mgrs. know it and are not doing anything about it. how do I know....we stayed there off and on for 6 months....in may it got really bad and we moved and we WILL NOT be back....EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date of Stay:
 May, 2013



we called the park and was told the rate for the month would be $330.00 away from pond, $350 around pond. we got there and was told $350 away from pond and $370 around pond for the first month. dogs were running around bothering our dogs, which were on their leashes. we checked in around 4:30pm the 19th and left the 20th at 6:30pm due to my daughter in Baton Rouge went into labor early by three weeks. The owner only gave us $300 back instead of $325.00 because he said we stayed two nights: REALLY....in my book thats only ONE night.The spot is beautiful but the service SUCKED!!!!!!

Date of Stay:
 February, 2013
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