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Fort McAllister

I stayed here for 2 nights in January.

Site: I stayed in site 50. I liked that all the sites were pull thru and that you got to pick your own. This may be less than ideal when the campground has more guests, but perfect for the off season. I was the only person on my loop, so I felt OK letting my dog run around a bit. That was a plus!

Wi-Fi/Connectivity: There is no public wi-fi at the park store. I really wish I would have checked my phone as I drove around looking for a site because some spots seemed to have Verizon LTE, but I ended up picking a spot with a really weak signal. My booster couldn't even help that signal.

Location: Conveniently located just 30 minutes or so from Savannah.
Bathroom/Shower: The bathroom actually seemed a bit creepy when I walked in because of the fluorescent lights. The shower was incredible though and blasted out lots and lots of hot water.

Wildlife: I felt like I was in the middle of a petting zoo. There were several times I glanced out of my RV window to find several deer grazing. After dark the raccoons moved in took over the entire park. I would estimate that there may have been as many raccoons as humans in the park when I stayed.

Activities: The waterfront is lovely! Make sure to walk down the pier by the park store. I didn't have a chance to take a hike, but there was a 3 mile hike around the park. I got a really nice cup of coffee at Way Station Coffee Co. a few miles from the park.

Date of Stay:
 January, 2014
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Wonderful State Park!

Some fellow RV'ers recommended Fort Clinch when I was in St. Augustine and I'm so glad that they did! I only intended to stay for 2 nights and ended up staying for 6 nights in January. Weekend reservations were hard to come by, but spots seem available during the week.

Site: I stayed in Site 60 on the river side of the campground. My site was large for my 16' travel trailer and I was able to back in without assistance. The site was level. It rained a bit while I was here and I never noticed water accumulating in my site. There really didn't seem like a bad spot all around on the river side. There are pictures of all the sites on: http://www.campsitephotos.com/campground/Fort-Clinch-State-Park

Wi-Fi/Connectivity: There is no public wi-fi in the park. I was able to connect to my personal Verizon hotspot with some help with my booster, but I didn't try to use it for any length of time since I worked from the local coffee shop. A lot of other campers seemed to be successfully using satellite TV.

Location: Super easy to find with GPS. I drove by the park entrance the first time around, but likely because I was distracted by ocean views up ahead :)

Bathroom/Shower: The bathrooms and showers were very clean and well-stocked, and heated! The second shower shower in the women's restroom has the best water pressure.

Laundry: $3 to wash and dry. They have several machines located near the restrooms.

Activities: What a lovely place! I was able to bike into Fernandina Beach and spend the day at the local coffee shop (around 6 level, paved miles one way, half of that is in the park). Don't miss out on Fort Clinch and the many hiking and biking trails around the park. I went hunting for shark's teeth one morning and had some luck during low tide near the fort. I wasn't able to go, but I've heard wonderful things about nearby Cumberland Island.

I would definitely stay here again!

Date of Stay:
 January, 2014
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Lovely State Park by the Ocean!

I stayed here with my for 5 days in January, 2014 (Sunday-Friday). This park was really hard to get a reservation on the weekends, so if you're set on staying here, you'll want to book early. There were plenty of sites available mid-week though.

Site: I stayed in Site 93 in the Angel Wing Loop. This campsite was nice and private even though it was right next to the bathroom. I actually preferred this spot since I don't use the bathroom on board and it was really convenient to walk to the bathroom when needed. I was able to back in just fine with the help of one of the neighbors, but a lot of other people reported difficulties with low hanging branches. FYI, there are no trash cans in the loops, so you'll have to take trash and recycling to the communal compactor when you first enter the loop section.

Wi-Fi/Connectivity: The only Wi-Fi available at the campground is at the store/restaurant near the beach. My Verizon iPhone 5 had three bars at the site and I was able to make phone calls with clarity. With the help of my Wilson Sleek 4G-V Booster I was able to boost to a full signal and tether from my phone to create a hotspot for 8+ hours per day. There seemed to be LTE in the last three loops and 3G in the first three.

Location: GPS struggled to find the campground. The park is not really that hard to find, but for some reason I kept going in circles. I would use the directions they give you from the park.

Bathroom/Shower: The bathrooms and showers were very clean and well-stocked, but oh so cold since they are not heated. The shower water was hot with good water pressure.

Laundry: I did not do laundry here, but they do have machines near the bathroom.

Activities: I biked to the ocean quite a bit and watched several lovely sunrises. I wish the temperature had been a little warmer so I could have taken advantage of the kayak rentals on the park grounds. Saint Augustine is a wonderful city with plenty to do though.

I would stay here again, but in warmer weather.

Date of Stay:
 January, 2014
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James Island County Park (Charleston, SC)

I stayed here with my small dog for 4 days in January, 2014 (Wednesday - Sunday). I was able to take advantage of their 30% discount for January and February even through I didn't stay the full week. If that's not available, they also have a 10% Good Sams discount.

Site: I stayed in Site 43. This is a beautiful site adjacent to a pond. I had my own swing overlooking the water. Backing in with a 16' travel trailer was painless with the help of one of their friendly campground volunteers. I just used 30 amp hookup and had no problems. I did not use the water hookup.

Wi-Fi: The Wi-Fi was great at this site. I was able to stay connected for 8+ hours a day just on their network connection. I had two longer Skype meetings and was able to stay connected through each of them, no problem.

Verizon: At least 3 bars at all times with LTE. I did not use my phone as a hotspot, but I think it would have worked well without my booster. I was able to send text messages and make phone calls with no problem.

Location: I found the park just fine with GPS. I enjoyed being so close to Charleston and went into town nearly everyday. Most destinations were no more than 15 minutes via car which was convenient.

Bathroom/Shower: I do not use the bathroom on board my Casita, so I frequently used the nearby bathroom and shower house. It was very clean and well-stocked. The shower water was hot with good water pressure. I always used the second to last shower stall in that particular building and was always had a hot shower, no matter what time during the day. They were roomy showers with room to change. Most people seemed to use their RV facilities, so I had the bathroom to myself most of the time.

Laundry: I did one load of laundry while I was there and it worked as expected. $1.50 to wash, $1.50 to dry. I was able to get quarters from the campsite store. While my laundry was running, I was able to wash my dishes in the Activity Room's sink.

Activites: I biked and ran on some of their trails. It was incredibly beautiful and well-marked. My dog also enjoyed the dog

Overall, this was a lovely, friendly park and I would definitely stay here again!

Date of Stay:
 January, 2014
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