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We Even Came Back for Two MORE Nights

On our way to Pismo Beach, we realized we needed a first night stop (and weren't able to secure our first night at the Pismo park) and chose to come here. It was a good choice - it was a hot day and our site was pretty exposed, so we used the pool and the air conditioner worked well.

There are a lot of full-timers living here which is not a problem - it says something about how much people like it, but parks do have to monitor how people handle the outdoor space, since for every person who has a decent rig and tow vehicle and puts a few plants out, there's some person who presses on the boundaries, both of space and good taste. A park can start to look pretty tacky with a lot of full-timers, which we've seen at a few places we stayed.

This place is somewhere in the middle - there are a number of rigs that are fairly old and look pretty beaten up, but most are of newer derivation. Again, it's a bit hit-or-miss with the full-timers. Us "transients" are confined to just two areas of the park, one which is near the pool with some sites that are quite exposed to sun. We were in one of these on our first night, but it was okay - since it was only one night.

We decided to extend our trip by a couple of days and Pismo couldn't let us stay, so we headed back here and got a space that was quite a bit more shaded - and definitely cooler. Really quite nice! We decided if we return, we'll ask for either this specific site or one that is more heavily shaded, and it's worth it to ask.

We really liked the pool - because unlike most places we've been in, there were four different pools - one for families, one adults only, a wading pool and a spa. We used the adult pool and spa each day we were there - both were very clean and we enjoyed our time in there.

We did use the bathroom near the pool and it was okay and has a changing area for the pool area. Basically clean but with a strong disinfectant smell - ugh.

Late Saturday afternoon, we had a power outage that affected a whole section of the park. Of course it happened right after the maintenance people had left for the day but before the office had closed, so they got right on it and called a maintenance person in who fixed the problem quickly. So no big deal - and luckily, since office staff were there, they handled it efficiently.

We took a few walks with our dog, and were surprised to find a nice dog run for off leash dog shenanigans. They also have nice volleyball, tennis, shuffleboard and horseshoe pit areas, and two big fire pit areas. Each site has a picnic table.

As to wi-fi - well, it's free, but like just about every place we've been, it's not any good if it's spotty and you spend more time trying to get on. Again and again. I didn't even bother with the iPad. This is a real issue at most parks, I suspect. I think it's just turned into a thing that all parks are supposed to have, but none seem to want to provide GOOD wi-fi because, of course, that would probably cost money.

We used the cable TV, but few channels are available and the picture was pretty lousy, although it got better as we watched it. So bring movies or get a dish.

Lastly, they don't exactly advertise that they take Good Sam at this time of year (they do not take Passport America at all), but when we were checking in, they did, so we saved 10% which was great. It's a pretty park and great for being on the way somewhere (it's really not a destination park unless you are going to Magic Mountain nearby), and we enjoyed our time here, a total of three nights.

Date of Stay:
 August, 2014
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Expensive, but Probably Worth It

There are a few downsides at Pismo Coast Village - but not very many.

The first one is the obvious - it's expensive! At least during this time of year when being by the ocean really beats the heat. Besides the cost per night, there are two taxes - one is a 10% bed tax and then there's another 1% local tax. So add 11% to all rental charges to get your real cost - and for us it was close to $70 a night. Sorry - that's a LOT.

One reason for the expense is the ocean proximity - that's not exactly true - you aren't right on the sand, but you don't have to walk too far to find it. And there are several beach access entrances at the park. One nice thing about this county's beaches is that you are allowed to bring your dogs, if on leash. Our dog found the ocean rather puzzling, but wanted to get close - just not get wet. It was fun to watch her. We saw evidence that horses had been on the beach earlier in the day.

The other reason is that the park is very well kept up and has some nice amenities. Each site has a fire pit, which is a plus and a minus. The obvious plus is it's very nice at night to see the fires going and people sitting around the pits in conversation. The down side is the fumes from lighter fluid and smoke and smell. We didn't use our fire pit, but our neighbors had pits going, so the smell was pretty intense at times. Normally, in Pismo, you don't need to run the air conditioner, but on a few occasions, we did just to block the smoke and smells.

Which leads to the third issue - many of the sites are very close together. There are 400 sites at this park and just looking at the map you can see that some areas are more compacted than others. We were in a very compacted row - and again, we couldn't escape the sounds and smells of our neighbors.

However, there's a 10 pm curfew and because a lot of families come here - it was adhered to. This is not a big partying kind of RV Park (when we went to Dockweiler in April - now THAT was a partying kind of park.)

I mentioned how well kept the park is - yep. There are kid's play areas dotted throughout and the bathrooms/showers are immaculately clean. We didn't go into the pool mainly because it was a family only pool - we would have preferred a split between one that had kids and one that was just for adults, but oh well. Plus there is no spa. We did go to the little store and the prices were, as you'd expect - very high. There's a 7-11 nearby though, so you can pick one or the other for the thing that you forgot to bring!

As to the town of Pismo Beach - you can walk there from the RV Park. It's pretty downscale and sleazy, although there appeared to be a few newer restaurants. It looks like the City Mothers and Fathers are making an attempt at some gentrification, but it's uneven at this time.

But the good news is - you have plenty of stuff to do at the Park - they have shuffleboard, basketball, a pool, bike rentals, and lots of activities throughout the day and even movies on some nights. We write, so we had plenty of time to do that and then spend the afternoons exploring. We were able to get in some decent walks with the dog. It's very picturesque.

The last issue is wi-fi - it's stated as free, but it's very, very spotty. My husband could get his laptop on it fairly well, mine was off and on (very frustrating) - and our iPads were impossible. There are a lot of issues with RV Parks and wi-fi service, so be warned. Just because it's free doesn't mean it's any good if it doesn't work hardly at all. This is a big deal for us, as we're publishing stuff regularly and need good access. We're exploring alternatives to relying on the park's wi-fi alone, but everything costs money, so we're not there yet. And as to TV, we just plugged in the cable and we were pleased to see a number of available channels. Not every park has very many channels - so I'm guessing you'll do better with a dish, but that's going to be true every place you go.

Date of Stay:
 August, 2014
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Very Good for Relaxing Times

We spent four days recently (June 2014) at the Lake Park RV Resort. Resort is always a funny word, isn't it? Although it borders Lake Elsinore, the RV park is within walking distance of the lake, not right on it. There are two clubhouses, but we had no access to them as they were locked. There was also an Olympic-sized swimming pool which didn't look as clean as we'd like. So the "resort" features were somewhat lacking to give it five stars.

Each of the sites was on gravel, not concrete, but even so, we had no problem getting our coach level on them. When we first arrived, it was very hot, over 90 degrees for a couple of days, so we were in the coach a lot with the air conditioning. We took walks down to the lake, but it looked pretty murky so my husband opted to not go fishing, even though he had his license. We did see some folks fishing on a small sandbar and there was a boat launch on an adjacent property, but no boat launch from this park.

Lake Park has a number of park models for rent and it was obvious that all of the ones nearest to the lake were rented on a long-term basis. There were a few park models dotted through the RV park, too which also looked to be rented out long term. In fact, a fair percentage of the RV's had been there quite awhile. Most looked to be pretty decent, but a few were pretty old. Which was funny, as we were asked the age of our coach when we called to book. I can't imagine how "old" ours had to be to not be allowed in as we were parked right next to an older bus undergoing a conversion.

They also have a motel and a few cabins for rent. Again, it looked like there were a number of long term residents even in the motel.

The sites are varied between 30-amp and 50-amp sites and we had to find an open 50-amp one. They have children in residence and put them in a particular area of the RV park so we opted to be somewhat away from them. So between avoiding the "kid zone" and finding the 50-amp sites which are, at least, marked on a map, although it didn't look that crowded, there were fewer sites available than at first glance.

Although the sites themselves were gravel, there was a big grassy area to walk our dog in and she enjoyed that. She's part terrier, though, and has a nose for the gophers, so we had to strenuously keep her away from some suspicious holes that probably housed the critters. If it were up to her, this grassy area would be mined vociferously to remove varmints. All in all, she had a good time there and people were friendly towards us - plenty of other dog owners about.

We also enjoyed the pool - even though we thought it could probably be a bit cleaner, we were able to swim for a few afternoons and due to its size, even the kids didn't bug us, or we them. We kept our heads above the waterline as much as possible and took quick showers in the coach when we were done.

There are several gazebos throughout the park area - nearer to the office and pool, they have barbecues and picnic tables, and then there were a few near to the lake itself. it was pleasant to take a walk to the lake and sit at the table under the gazebo and just gaze. Very relaxing.

Lastly, the Wi-fi worked very well and this is the first time we've had almost no problems, nor did we have to pay extra. The only issue was during peak times and I suspect that's just a bandwidth issue. They did request that the only items to be set up with wi-fi were computer and tablets, no video game systems, so that probably makes it easier to provide it for everybody who wants it. It was the first time we were able to really keep up on our blogs and other internet writing that we like to do without worrying too much about the connections.

On a more negative note, the bathrooms, although basically clean, were very worn out and had a strong disinfectant smell. I would not want to shower in them at all. I did use the main bathrooms and the one near the pool just to check them out. These definitely could use a major upgrade - at least the women's.

Five stars would be better bathroom/shower facilities, a cleaner pool (no bugs and excessive leaves floating on the surface), and access to the clubhouse facilities. Not sure why they were locked up, but there was a caravan group that we saw using them, so that may be the reason.

We were able to use Passport America for the first time, so the price of our trip - mid-week was $17.50 for two days and then $35 for two days for a total of $105 for four days. Based on the price, this was a bargain and a fairly well kept park. Not in an exciting place, it's mostly for relaxation in a pretty setting.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2014
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Not Quite Great Enough!

I wanted to give five stars to this park. It has a lot going for it - right on the Pacific ocean; near the bike path, lots of great spots with full hook-ups. What's not to like?

But every time i was close to five stars, I hesitated. No Wi-fi. Check. High Prices. Check. And worst of all, incredibly loud planes overhead - check, check and check.

Some would probably downgrade the park even more for these lacks. Perhaps I'm being too generous. Of course some would just overlook the negatives, and bask in the fact of - but it's on the beach! As if that erases everything else.

So I'll stick to the four stars. You'll have to judge whether the positives outweigh the negatives. I think they do and I'm glad we went and yes, I'd do it again. But with full knowledge of what we were getting in to.

The park is maintained by the County of Los Angeles and, as a result, there are no discounts in pricing, and a lot of rules. Our experience was that they are a bit more flexible on rules as they know that Dockweiler is a party beach. There are fire pits on the beach and it's common for teens and young adults to come there on the weekends to frolic and have fun.

The RV Park is next door to the beach's parking lot and shares the beach and bike path. I think our weekend was probably pretty typical in that there were groups of campers gathering to party over the weekend nights so the evening's quiet doesn't really occur until sometime after midnight or 1 am. On Friday night we had a fair amount of rain which cut short the partying, but they made up for it on Saturday night. Not that it was scary or dangerous - most of the parties were families with kids so it felt like just a good time without any edge to it that alcohol can sometimes bring.

Each space has a charcoal grill and a set of picnic benches which is a nice touch. There are also bathrooms and showers and a laundry facility, and enough grass for our dog to walk on (plus dog stations with baggies). The spaces are fairly generous in size although there are no pull-through sites. In the middle of the park there is an open bathroom facility which can be used by folks on the bike path. I opted not to bother with this restroom as the park's were opened by keypad and seemed probably better maintained than the public one.

I was a bit surprised that so many locals come to this RV Park although we are locals ourselves. But we were doing it because we wanted to show off our new RV to our local family and this was the closest and nicest RV Park around. Other locals do it just to be on the beach. We saw a fair number of rental RVs there.

We were there on the last weekend in April, just before the start of the summer season when it becomes harder to get weekend spots. There are approximately 100 or so spaces and it's over three long rows with a turnaround in the middle making six blocks. What they've done is assign motorhomes to three of the blocks and trailers/fifth wheels to three of the blocks but alternated them - the first row nearest the beach is priced at $65 a night (one section is motorhomes, one is trailers), the middle row at $60 a night and the back row is $55 a night. We paid for a site in the middle row but could have been just as happy in the back row. And making our reservation online added a $10 reservation fee to the total.

Luckily there is a wooden fence protecting the front row from blowing sand but even so, with the rain and wind we had, there were berms of sand piling up on the interior of the fence. So if you want to be closest to the beach, be prepared for some sandblasting of your rig.

The County has instituted a policy of only being able to reserve so far ahead, so they can avoid problems of groups of campers reserving for years ahead on holiday weekends. I'm honestly not sure I'd want to be here on a holiday weekend. I can just imagine the parties. Perhaps a bit wilder than I'd be comfortable with.

I don't think the lack of wi-fi is really that big of a deal, but it would have made blogging easier. I'm not ready to try posting from my phone too often, although my husband kept up with his facebook friends that way. And the price is - well, you are on the beach, so . . . hey, you're on the beach.

To me the worst part of the park was the noise. Los Angeles International Airport is less than a mile away and at night, starting about 11 pm, whatever runway is closest to the park comes alive with the sounds of jets taking off. I'm guessing that this is mostly for international flights to Asia but possibly also to Hawaii. All I know is that, although flights are taking off all the time, the evening was much louder than the day. Now it could have just seemed louder as the evening is usually quieter, but I just know that if we were watching local television, the planes upset the picture every time and interrupted our conversations. My husband felt he got used to the planes and put them in the background noise, but I disagree - to me, although some of the flights were that way, a goodly portion of them were just too loud to ignore.

So just be warned - this is not a resort-style park, but it has the basics and plenty of nice folks who are out to have a good time. It isn't cheap, there's no wi-fi, and you're going to have to contend with being under the flight path, but if you can handle that, you can have a lot of fun and enjoy the beautiful sights. We saw one sunset Thursday night which was just fabulous, even though the other nights were a bit too cloudy, but that's okay. We had a wonderful time with our new motorhome and our family had a fun time, too.

Date of Stay:
 April, 2014
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Gorgeous sunsets, Privacy - What's NOT to Love?

As we were considering buying an RV, we decided to rent one for a few days and found this site on the internet. We went in November, 2013, just a few weeks after a big music festival that is sited at the park. This explains the structures there, which were rather funky yet sad when we were there. They also do an astronomy show a few times a year, which is probably fun and would be a reason to return (I can skip the music festival).

There is a lake but it's just a little swampy thing that you can walk around in about 5-6 minutes, taking your time. At night they've strung up some lights which give it an ethereal air that is lacking during the daytime. However, they've stocked it with some fish and you can pay them to fish there (you don't need a regular fishing license). We brought poles but after taking a look, decided not to bother, although we saw a guy teaching his cute four-year-old son the basics. It's good for stuff like that, but probably not for a more experienced fisherman.

It was relaxing, though, to sit on one of the benches and watch the birds fly overhead and wait for the ducks to come calling, looking for treats - they know their humans well.

Of course, you're in the high desert, so you're bound to have a gorgeous sunset - we had one every day we were there and a couple of beautiful sunrises, too.

We did have some neighbors who played their music rather loud in the morning, but the quiet times were exactly that - very quiet. Not a lot of neighbors when we were there, which led to the relaxation and charm of it.

It's about a 10-15 minute drive to the northern entrance of Joshua Tree National Park. We didn't have a toad vehicle as this was a rental and our first time driving a motorhome, so we were parked and stayed until we left.

We didn't use the bathrooms on the site, choosing to utilize the MH, as we were testing out everything. The hookups were fine and the dumpsite worked easily. My husband bought wi-fi and he said it worked well. But note it was not free.

Would we return? Maybe. If we were more experienced, we'd probably try boondocking in the park itself, but if that weren't available, we'd probably come back. Just not the weekend of the music festival (smile).

Date of Stay:
 November, 2013


Great for the Shake-Down Trip

We were comped two nights here as we were storing our brand new motorhome in this area and about 50-60 miles from our home. So, when you're not paying, you tend to be less critical of any issues that the park might have.

That being said, we felt the price offered per night ($45) was pretty high, although we were informed later that even for the inland empire location, this was pretty reasonable. However, if a beach location is only $10 or $15 more per night (we just priced Dockweiler State Beach at these rates). . . it seems difficult to justify this for a park that is located in a mostly industrial location near the interstate. I'm sure monthly rates are a bit lower, making it a good alternative for some.

But for our purposes of trying everything in the RV, it worked just fine. The park was fairly crowded with a number of long-term full-timers, but everybody we met was friendly. A fair number of them worked in the area, so the daytimes were quiet. There is a nearby railroad track which could have been noisy, but was actually rather soothing at night. No, it's not right against the tracks, or it might not be so soothing.

The park is attractive, set back from the main road with mature trees and enough grass for our pup. The clubhouse is very attractive with a big screen TV, DVD's for rental, a nice lending library of books and magazines, even a piano. There is laundry and the bathroom/showers were nice sized, spotless, even accomodating for a person in a wheelchair (at least the women's side was.)

It appeared, although we didn't explore it, that the park is also near the local landfill, which is not appealing - again, this is a more industrial location. There is also a mobile home park on the other side of the property.

They advertise free wi-fi but there was a note on the door that it was down. The note was dated March 10 and we were there on March 24 and 25. My husband inquired and was told they were waiting for a part. That seems like an awful long time to be waiting for a part, so I'm a bit suspicious, but we weren't there long enough for it to be an issue - I'm not sure how the long term tenants feel about it. For this reason, I am only rating it four out of five stars. Obviously, we weren't able to test it out.

Would we stay there again? Probably not, as it's not that picturesque or a place where we'd be going as a destination, however, it suited our needs fine to test out the motorhome.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2014
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