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Think twice people.

I have to say it's a pretty park and shady. But our problems started the minute we walked in and was from the Maintenence guy/self appointed show-runner. The poor young lady at the desk pretty much ignored him (smart girl). We had reservations and he immediately looked at our A class with tow and said "you are too big. There's nothing here". Looked at the girl and said "don't you ask their length?" She checked us in. We had a great spot...plenty long and nice. The next morning I look at their "IMPORTANT INFO" again and note trash pickup at 9:00 am. We set ours out as did 2 neighboring RVs. At 11:30 the "maintenance man" (he told us that is his job) came by and told us. "You have to take your own garbage to dump. You can't leave it there. We don't pick up garbage". I picked mine up, all my neighbors, and took to garbage container. He followed me In his car!!!! I went into office to ask them (nicely) to please mark through that statement for future campers. He stormed in and said to young girl in a raging voice, "she has no business harassing you". She assured him I was not being harassing but kindly asked her to mark through for others!!! I left him storming In the office. Again, nice park as far as grounds. Poorly run. Surely others has had a run in with him, as we had TWO!!!!