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Bad experience

We signed up for a 1 month stay to try out the park. If you arrive in your RV and are placed on the dog run, you are treated as a transient second class citizen, not much friendly banter going on. Outwardly people appear friendly and we are used to connecting with folks, but never once during the month did anyone offer more than a "Hi, what state are you from." This is a long term park model park, very clean and nice looking, but the people here only care to associate with their own folks. I probably would not bother to write this review, but on our final day of our month, when we had a meal scheduled with some folks in park, we get a call from the office, asking us why we hadn't left the park yet as our month was up......... We were packed up ready to depart in the morning, had been to the office, discussed forwarding the mail and on which day that would begin, just the day before, no one mentioned that this park had a policy that a "month" did not mean "one month"..... It meant 30 days..... And because the month was 31 days, we needed to be gone or pay for another full day as if we were new arrivals at the gate. The owner was in the office and she wanted her money. All she could say is... It's right here on your receipt, you should be gone today. You signed the receipt, you should have known. I was not impressed by the customer service attitude in the office. I will not be recommending this park. A good looking park does not make a park successful.



This is a run down old trailer park with lots of junky looking trailers and a few very small rv sites. It is not clean and looks very trashy. NOT RECOMMENDED!

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 January, 2015
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