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Could be more stars...

I'm a member of 1000 trails, and I really wish that the pictures that are posted told the true tale of this campground, but they don't. There are so many little things that could be done to improve this park, but it's not in the interest of the corporation. The new pool is really nice, but that's about it. I spent about 15 minutes trying to find the sewer dump, and that was only after we had to move from a "prime" sight that didn't have power; and the staff? Well, not the friendliest or most helpful, I asked if a could borrow a hammer, it turns out that the maintenance personnel take them home and do not bring them on weekends; they're there just to collect a paycheck, and nothing more. I spoke with other members that were there and they felt the same way. Apparently, this isn't the only campground that 1000 trails has let gone by the wayside. Again, they're in it for the money, not the members. Anyway, my two cents. It would be nice if the corporation hired someone that cared a bit more about the park and its patrons, but that's not cost efficient.

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 July, 2016


The creek

Kids loved the creek with all the little critters in it!



I've know about this campground for about 5 years, and finally decided to visit it last year. I could kick myself for not coming when I first learned about it. We've made it our official home park. It's close, clean, and convenient for all. The staff is extremely helpful, and once we're set up, we can't even tell we're so close to the city. This place is great!

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 July, 2014
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Great Campground

We stayed at this campground for a week. The place was very clean, the staff, very helpful. Everyone we met there was pleasant. The kids loved the place. Despite many people claiming this place was overpriced and always booked, we found it reasonably priced and without a problem making a reservation. We will DEFINITELY return.

Date of Stay:
 October, 2013
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