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Very disappointed but need to warn others

We stayed at this campground in December 2013 for the first time. There had been some recent construction so we didn't mind the (mess), but on our second night there our ice chests were stolen while we slept. Someone took all of our food and beer!! We told the park rangers and they assured us that they would patrol more often. We stayed for 3 nights after that and just were more careful. So we decided to go back this past week!!

This time there were no park rangers around after 4-5 pm. The local homeless hang out in the day use area . They come early evening to shower, and hang out all night!! They came to our campsite and to other campsites, and asked for liquor, cigarettes, and any extra cash. They were very upfront about their homelessness, and informed us that they come there to shower for free. There were very few campers this past week so it was a very uneasy feeling knowing that they were just hanging out, we couldn't relax or go for a short ride in fear that they were gonna steal from us. They were very bold and would walk around in groups of 3 or 4. We left after 2 days , we were suppose to stay 4 nights. I will not go back ever!!!!!! Someone needs to check out that situation, we travel quite a bit and most campgrounds close gates after a certain hour or have some patrol to assure safety of the campers. I would not recommend this campground to elderly at all!!!!! They are the most vulnerable!!

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 October, 2014