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Better than its first impression

The good: it has internet, electric, sewer and water-all free. There are laundry facilities on site ($2 washer, $1.50 dryer, and there are 2 of each). The owners are really nice. It's quick and easy getting onto the freeway. It's near Houston Lake Park (fees there). Cheapest fuel in the area is just down the road (going toward Porter) at a Valero.

The bad: the power and cable lines are low so tall rigs won't be able to park in the back 1/3 of the park. It's a month to month place, so a lot of the trailers are very long term (meaning they're green with algae). It has a "sketchy" vibe, but it's not as bad as it seems (though we won't let our kids play at the back of the park). It's $400/month but they charge you for kids. We have 4 kids and they charge us $40 a month extra to cover extra water usage. The Internet is fast enough, but the connection goes off and on a lot. There are a lot fire ants. The owner will put down poison if you make him aware of it, but the fire ants just keep moving around to new mounds. The spots are not paved or graveled. Just weedy grass-like stuff. No tables or fire rings. The two-lane road it's on is a little loud, but not awful.

Overall: it could use some sprucing up. It's not great, but not the worst. We would pick a different place first, but we'd stay again if the other parks were full like they were this time. We are staying in the area three months since we are working in Humble (15 min to Humble, 40 min to downtown Houston) and would be happy if a spot in a nicer park opened up, but are fine staying 3 months if needed.

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 December, 2014
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