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My wife and I traveled 8 hours to Brownsville for the last couple of Christmas' to participate in Civil Air Patrol emergency service training. In 2013, we were forced to leave our travel trailer in Brownsville for a week due to it being stuck in the mud from all the rain they had. We decided that we would stay at an RV park on our way home so that we wouldn't be on the road all day and night, and so we made reservations at Nature's Own RV Resort.
We were new to RVing and figured it was a good idea to let the resort managers know we would be coming in later than we wanted, probably around 6:00 p.m. They were very accommodating in letting us come in at that time. When we arrived, the on-duty person was very helpful and even went as far as coming to our site and helping us to back in. Whether this was done to help or to ensure we didn't bother the other campers made no difference to me. I appreciated the concern, whether it was for me or the other campers.
We only stayed until about 7:00 a.m. the following morning, but the resort was clean, the people were friendly, and I felt secure in staying there.
I would recommend Nature's Own RV Resort to anyone.
As far as the negative reviews I've read on the place, I would have to say that it may have been due to the breach of rules and regulations that the owners and managers had to take action. Their rules were very straightforward and simple to follow.

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 December, 2013
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