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2005 Four Winds Hurricane 30F
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Lovely park, Terrible network connection.

The connection here is pretty awful if (like me) you're at all dependent on it for work.
In the evening, after everyone goes to bed, the download speed isn't bad (4-8 MB/s), but during the day it's usually less than half that, and during prime time, it can slow to a standstill (0.29MB/s down, 0.30MB/s up).
The upload speed is never, ever good. If you've got any files to put in Dropbox, or a video you want to upload to YouTube, forget about it. It's just not going to happen - turn your WiFi hotspot on, and connect that way.

This makes me a sad panda, because the park is so very nice in almost every other respect.

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 January, 2015
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