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Called to see if they had openings and they said my completely remodeled vintage Shasta is too old and they don't care if it's all brand new work. No apologies no polite explanation just rude about it. I understand places have these policies but you don't have to get ugly.


I'd definitely come back!

This is a wonderful place. The staff is very genuinely friendly. They clean everything--bathrooms, pools, game room, around the park--daily. The bathrooms have 5 stalls of showers and plenty of toilets and sinks...all with great water pressure that doesn't run out of hot water.
The laundry room is good, too. Plenty of front load HE washing machines and dryers plus a huge washing sink. I believe it's $2.00 for a super wash and $1.25 for 45 minutes or so on the dryer.
There are A LOT of permanent residents here but they try to maintain an air of being more of a campground anyway...not sure why because it's obvious from the chain link fences around rv's and piles of potted plants and "lawn" decorations and outdoor storage that a ton of folks live here but whatever. They do have a tent camping area and plenty of rv's go in and out.
Lots of kids here...nice kids but no playground. There is a tiny, small childrens playground across the street and down a bit at a cute little park but my 4 year old grew bored quickly with the unimpressive spread and lack of other kids to play with there. Another plus is they don't discriminate based on RV age, which is fabulous for people into the tiny house renovation restoration movement like us!
The pool is heated to 80 degrees and there are no trees to get it dirty or overshaded. There are tables with patio umbrellas if you want shade, though. There's also a jacuzzi next to the pool. They check the water multiple times a day to make sure it's clean and sanitary so that's another huge plus from me. My son and I loved playing in it, and it's rarely busy.
Dog clean up bags are everywhere and they are super dog friendly which we love as well. People here clean up after their pets for the most part.
The spaces are sort of small and there's not really any separation like hedges or anything. You can hear everything your neighbors circling you are doing. The hookups are also very low to the ground and kind of old and weird to work with.
The cable TV has good selection and isn't fuzzy. The WIFI is usually a miss but when it does work it's fast. I think they just need to check their routers more regularly and restart them more often. They have 3 WiFi signals but only one sometimes works. When I was here last time two of them worked. Maybe they just don't know how to do it. When I need WiFi to work from home I use my cell phones personal hotspot.
Cell signal is strong here. It's super sunny and dry, a huge difference from the rv places in the redwoods around the corner. No sign of raccoons or anything. They have recycling here which is surprisingly not available every where we go.
There's no tiny store or selection of things you might need here. They have a soda and junk food vending machine though.
This place is probably one of my favorite in the country and we have stayed at dozens. I'd give them five stars but I have stayed at better as far as catering to children and convenience go. I don't think you can beat what you get for the price, though!

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 May, 2015
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Incompetent inconveniencers

We have been bouncing around California in our tiny renovated vintage Shasta trailer and decided to call this place up.
The young woman I spoke to told me they had space and to come on down.
When we arrived they told us that our trailer was too old and that we needed to find somewhere else to go for the next two nights.
Maybe the staff should ask pertinent questions if they want to have certain restrictions.
Or maybe they are just elitist trailer trash that don't care about inconveniencing families on vacation and making money.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2015


Older rv's not welcome

That might be a perk for you if you are someone who practices blind discrimination, but for someone who renovated their travel trailer to have mosaic tile and real hardwood floors, getting turned down over the phone before they even saw our little Shasta left a bad taste in my mouth.
We have been to plenty of places where they had age rules, but made an exception because of our renovations and tiny size. I don't expect everyone to make an exception, but I do expect to at least be given a chance to finish my sentences on the phone when I call inquiring about staying.
The tiny home movement is real, rv park owners. Get with the times.