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Great RV Park

Nice Sites, Very Clean & Well Kept. Fantastic, Huge dog run. Very friendly staff! All the necessary Amenities.

Date of Stay:
 May, 2021


Great Place!

Friendly Staff. Very Accommodating & Personable!
Large level sites. The grounds are meticulously maintained.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2015
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Appalled in Jackson!

Review for the Virginian RV Park

First of all, I'd like to say, I've been doing the RV thing since 1976 and have had trailers ranging from 16' to 27'.
Our present RV is a 40' motor home towing a 20'car hauler.
In all our years of traveling extensively, all over the USA, we've experienced everything from the immaculate to the dumpiest of RV sites.
However, one thing that has been consistent regardless of the quality of the site, is common courtesy and customer satisfaction.
Our recent stay at the Virginian RV Park in Jackson, WY has been the exception.
After calling on the morning of 5/30/15 to request a reservation for 2 nights, I was told by the gentleman who answered the phone that no reservation
is necessary because they have plenty of room. I explained that I have a 40' motor home and am towing a 20' car hauler and asked: can you accommodate that?
(This is what I always ask to ensure that there won't be a problem).
The response was: As long as the motor home is not over 40' we can figure something out for your trailer.
I assumed that meant I would be accommodated.
Unfortunately, when we arrived, we were greeted by a woman (who turned out to be the Manager) who greeting us by motioning aggressively as we pulled
in. I'm not sure if she was concerned that I was towing a trailer or was concerned that I was going to cut the trailer too close and damage something?
When I opened the window to talk to her she just said: Name?? No hello, No Hi, No welcome to The Virginian RV Park, nothing in the way of a greeting.
When I gave her my name, she said: I don't have you on the list, do you have a reservation??
I explained that I tried to make a reservation, but the gentleman I talked to said: no reservation was necessary and we have plenty of room.
The Manager was very snippy and said: "You can't park the trailer on site". When I explained that I was told it wouldn't be a problem, she said:
"You have to park it outside the site and it's your problem, not their's. She also made a point to say: "you can't park it at the lodge either".
When I asked where I could park it, she said: "I don't know! It's your problem!
I managed to unload the car and move the car & trailer off site as per the Managers demands.
When I returned to the office to settle up I again explained what I had been told. She then got snippy and said: "We're not going to do this, I'll handle
it in the morning". So, I said: How about if I pay to park the trailer in one of your cheaper, smaller sites?
She said "I'll have to charge you full price ($78.00 per night). What??!! So I'm supposed to pay $78.00 per night for my Coach and an additional $78.00 per
night for my car hauler? I told her never mind, I'll figure out something for the trailer.
So she's going to handle it in the morning! How? By double charging, displaying and inappropriate attitude and refusing to accommodate the customer in any way?
She finally started acting nicer but the damage was done due to her lack of empathy, common courtesy and poor attitude.
Had she been nice from the beginning, it would have been a much better transaction.
By The Way: I walked through the park at 11:00 PM and there were approximately 40 empty sites. The park is 38% empty, and you want to charge me full
price for an extra site for my trailer!! I could understand if they were really busy, or presented a decent attitude.
This is more than appalling! It's sickening!!
I have been to numerous RV parks in numerous states where there was not adequate room for the trailer.
In all cases I was offered an easy alternative. In some cases, they would say: park it in an empty site, we'll let you know if it needs to be moved.
In other cases they offered other convenient alternatives.
Before now, I've never experienced: "We'll take an exorbitant fee from you to park your RV in our "mediocre at best park", and by the way, we'll take an
additional exorbitant amount to park your trailer"! At this point, I just frustrated!
I went to the local ACE Hardware and purchased a $30.00 coupler lock for my trailer which I was forced to park out on the street.
OK, your rules are your rules!
However, on Sun evening (5/31/15), The park was approximately at 50% capacity and there were several other supposedly empty sites taken up by tow vehicles
next to RV's where they needed more room (especially on sites, 9-18). Why were they allowed to take up a vacant site? Why weren't their vehicles out on the
street? I guess the exceptions for this are subjective. Hopefully the owners of this park will read this. You're welcome to contact me at [email protected].
Otherwise, We and our numerous friends and fellow RVer's will not return.

Date of Stay:
 May, 2015
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Not Fancy, But Nice!

The sites were full, but they set us up with a spot in their overflow area (30 Amp power & water) All we needed was 1 night anyway. They also told us there's no problem dumping our tanks in the morning. Very nice lady at the desk. Very nice gentleman who led us to our site. Nice Store. Nice Pool! Very Dog Friendly! Would not hesitate to stay here again!!

Date of Stay:
 March, 2015
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