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We were on our way to visit the grandchildren. As usual, my husband called to reserve a site for us. He mentioned we have our trikes/ chairs. I am completely disabled and use my trike to move around. I am on oxygen. We were told unless we had a letter from our doctor stating our disability, we could not use our trikes. I called my doctor to get a statement and he agreed to fax one. I called the park back to get the fax number and was told they don't have a fax. FURTHER, I was told I should have been carrying a doctors letter. I was told other people did. I tried to explain my disabled placard was in our car which we were not towing. I don't believe it is necessary to carry a letter so I can prove my disability. My oxygen tank should be proof enough. The California driving laws state you must keep your letter of disability in the car you use your placard in at all times. We were finally told because we purchased the trikes ourselves they don't qualify as physician ordered medical equipment. I wear my chairs out fast, and as we can well afford it, we replaced them ourselves. The best way to get all the special bells and whistles I want.
I did enjoy our previous stays at Pelican Point. I must say this whole situation is very disagreeable. I can no longer recommend this park. I can not remember the exact date of our last stay, but i believe it was in 2013.

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 September, 2013