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Bad Experience at Circle W RV Rance

We stayed at the Circle W. Ranch and Rv in Nov. 2015. We paid $400.00 plus $100.00 for a months rent. The second day we were there, we had a fire in the basement of the motor home. We were unable to stay in it because the Fire Chief said we could not. I saw there were 2 cabins sitting there, so I called to ask if we could stay in one. The next morning I went to the office to talk to them about staying at the cabin until our motor home could be towed to the repair place. I asked if they could just take some of the money we had already paid, and apply it to the cabin. Their answer was NO, as they do not refund, prorate or give any breaks. I said this was a fire, and the rules should not apply. Then they said for us to stay in the cabin for 1 week, it would be over $300 plus. Now they have over $800.00 from us and no compensation except for 1 free night in the cabin. We could not leave the campground as long as our rv was there, so we were stuck. We were so upset and did not realize, they never gave us any receipts for any of what we had paid. Believe me, I would never stay there again.

Some of the originals who live there said that when it was bought by a new owner, many things changed and they lost a lot of people who lived there due to all new rules. We just fell that since it was a fire, and we had never been there before, they should have been a little more accomadating, instead of asking for more money from us. It was a sad situation for us and they could have been more understanding

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 November, 2015