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Very nice if you like shade trees

I did't stay but I would have if they had any openings. Many older mobile homes but neatly maintained and quiet. The word that comes to mind is "quaint."

Date of Stay:
 March, 2016


Not a park for travelers.

This "park" has no sites for rent. They rent run down trailers that are on the lots. It's a slum. I drove thru it.

Date of Stay:
 March, 2016


Nice but loud

Very active community and nice facilities. The Canadians and the Americans get along well. However, the park is directly under the runway approach for the Tampa/St. Pete airport and right next to a shooting range, and even tho there's a big concrete sound wall on that side it's absolutely the loudest park I've ever been in. I couldn't deal with it and had to move.

Date of Stay:
 January, 2014


Top Notch but at top price...

Lovely, large, gated park with all the amenities. My complaint about the electric hook-up was dealt with promptly and the staff were very friendly. Great showers and plenty of them, big laundry, big pool, etc. At over $700 for three weeks it ought to be!

Date of Stay:
 January, 2016


A little uptight.

Despite their claim of being "the friendliest park" in the area, they almost didn't let me in due to the fact that I had some duct tape on the fiberglass area above my windshield. It's white tape and almost unnoticeable. The manager relented because it was on season and I simply had nowhere else to go, but on the conditions that I wash my rig (it needed it and I did) and be on my "best behavior." After a couple of weeks I was asked to leave because I was walking around the park "bothering people." I've been told I can stay until I find another place but I'm to keep to myself and stop talking to people. I'm a full timer and nothing like that has ever happened to me before. I'm flabbergasted!

Date of Stay:
 February, 2016

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