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A terrible place to stay....

My husband and I had nothing but one problem after another at IJ's. Our car was broken into. Our computer equipment was stolen as well as my wallet. The nosey neighbor called the police on us for calling the police to report our items stolen. Of course no one saw anything leading us to believe it was an inside job. When we informed the management about the theft problem, we were treated as an inconvenience. Drugs are rampant in the park. The owners know and penalize the people bringing it to there attention. They are sticklers about noise yet they allow the lady in 10B to knock on people's doors all hours of day and night asking for rides and cigarettes then curse you like a dog when you tell her no. She is a permanent fixture there. There is absolutely no privacy out there unless your belongings have been stolen.

In addition to the theft and drug problem, anything stored outside is fair game to anyone who decides they need it. People "borrow" without asking. We had a neighbor take some plastic pallets and our step stool. We took them back and the people came back, took them again and wrote their name on the stuff. We reported it to owners, we were told it wasn't their problem. The last 2 weeks our RV was there, we stayed at a family member's house because we did not feel safe.

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 April, 2016