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Miss Managed

This place was once a fishing and camping dream. Those days are long gone. The so called new management has this plase so messed up your bill differs each month. They tax you then they don't have to. No body who works here (and that consistantly changes) knows for sure what to do. They have ran off all of there business from the fishing clubs which would have been very lucrative. I am told by long time snowbirds that the restaurant use to be sooo much better with an assortment of deserts and the many items on the Friday nigjt buffet. Nothing like that now. Food is hit and miss at best. Roads, pads and driveways are badly in need of repair. We were there one month and the rent was raised 8% on top of that they are implementing a (descretionary resort tax) of $28 which they don't have to charge but it is only supposed to be 1% according to Osceola couty law. Wonder whose realy getting this tax. Also a sales tax of 7% (should be 6%) if any. Should be included in the outragous rent in the first place. Will be looking for a new location!

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 February, 2016