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I would NOT recommend this RV park, Mobile home park to ANYONE. I lived in the RV part of the park for a year and had trouble the entire time. They would come by randomly and you were subject to be reprimanded if you had stuff in YOUR yard. They left a note on my door because my water hose was leaking and demanded that it be fixed immediately. I was not able to connect a water hose to water the yard or play in the water with my dog during the summer months. There was a period of several days which they resurfaced the road with no prior notice. All tenants were asked to park across a busy highway. This served as a major inconvenience while the sealant was drying on the road. I was also disappointed because my roommates work truck broke down and we left it parked in the drive way (our driveway, out of anyone else's way) until we could get it in the shop to be repaired. Again, a note was left on my door stating that it needed to be moved because it was covering about 6 inches of grass and parking in the grass was not allowed. When I explained that it was broken down and that we were just waiting for out appointment at the shop - the owners stated that disabled vehicles were not allowed either because it made the property "junky". About 10 months into our 12 stay at the park, we rescued a puppy that had been left for dead. She was extremely malnourished when we got her. During the first several weeks she had lots of stomach, digestive issues getting proper food and her body handling it. This continued to happen with each vet visit to the medications and de-wormer she was taking. The park has a strict "pick up after your pet's business" policy. During this time the puppy had constant diarrhea and her business was liquid and unable to be picked up. The owners left 2 notes on my door in regards to this. When we tried to explain the situation, it came up in conversation the type of dog. We were not sure what type she was but that she may have Great Dane, or even some Pit Bull in her. When they found this out they rudely stated that large, aggressive dogs were not allowed in the park and either the dog had to go, or I needed to go. I promptly left at the end of the month. I have never been more thankful to leave that controlling, micro managed place.

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 August, 2015