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Nice Park With Some Deficiencies

The location is nice and the staff are friendly and helpful; however, when a park states that they have wifi, it should be decent wifi. There was a bait and switch to the wifi; if you want "high speed" the charge is $1.95 an HOUR! The "slow speed" (their words) was miserably slow. And don't go with out texts because that's how you sign in, receiving a text of your sign in number. I had just gotten a phone with texts right before leaving to go there.

The manager told me when we were leaving, that she was going to talk with their internet guy about getting more bandwidth, so it may be better soon.

At night the gates are locked, so security was good. We were given a key, after a $5 deposit, so could get in the couple of nights we were out after 9 pm, when the gates are closed and locked.

Would have been nice to have a children's playground, for when our granddaughter came to visit, but we were told it had been taken out some time before and not replaced.

We are self-contained, so didn't visit the restrooms.

Date of Stay:
 July, 2016