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Pool is nice, bathrooms are clean, spots are asphalt and fairly level. Campground is clean overall.. However, management is terrible! I'm glad our 1 month trip is being shortened to 2 weeks! We have only been here a week, tried to go to the office 5 times in 7 days to have them not open during their posted business hours. They claim to be open daily from 7am till 1 pm, then from 2 pm until 6 pm. The day we got here we arrived around 4:45. They lady didn't want to wait for us to get set up and come back to pay for the internet usage. She wanted to go home early. I tried to go the next day to get internet. I went close to lunch time, 12:45, so I can understand them leaving 15 minutes early for lunch, but when I returned the same day at 4:30 it was closed again! Then today I went to go do laundry. Their 24 hour facility smells terrible, has extremely outdated machines, and either only one dryer works or only one actually dries at a time because my other loads were still completely soaked. They don't have a change machine. I started my laundry at 10:58 am, went to the office for quarters to find they had closed for lunch! Not to return until 2pm. It wasn't even 11 yet and they were already on lunch! I tried the office again at 3 pm to find it closed for the day and not to reopen until tomorrow at 7 am. Luckily there was a grocery store around the corner where I could get change. The manager lives on site and says you may go to her after hours in case of emergencies. Well this was during hours, she was home (camper unlocked, truck there, golf cart there, and I could hear movement) and no one answered the door. Extremely poor service from the staff. I would only stay here if it was a short trip, and God forbid I ever have an actual emergency because no one is around to help.

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 August, 2016