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Rating of our one night stay

This campground is no longer a Yogi Bear Campground. We camped with our 38? fifth wheel for one overnight stay. The campground is beautiful, perfect for family with children, our lakeside site was lovely. One complaint about management though. The young girls working in the office was very nice, but the man in management lacked in PR. We bought some marshmallows and other items to make s?mores, plus 2 bundles of wood just prior to them closing at 7:00 pm. Took the items immediately to our campsite, Started a fire, tried to put the marshmallows on our roasting stick (they were melted in the package and were stuck together as fluff). They fell off the stick into the fire before roasting. Took the package of marshmallows back to the office store at 10:00 am this morning and I was questioned by the man in management if I had left them in my car. I did get a refund for $2.99 which I applied to a small insulated bag I purchased. Moral of story, buy your smors ingredients prior to camping. wi-if worked fine, but no cable tv and no local stations. It was perfect for us for one overnight stay.


Rating of Riverside Campground.

Disassified to say the least. No cable tv (even our antenna would not pick up a station), advertised as having FREE WIFI (what they did not say is it?s hit and miss with mostly off). No radio stations at all! Said we would have 50 amp electricity which was false. Would not allow me to submit a rating without giving a star rating ... so in order to post my comment I will reluctant give a one star. Would not recommend and will not be returning. Posted Comment on July 12, 2019.

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