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mistake at Sea Perch

An OK RV park IF you don't need a cell phone and IF you are not stuck in space #27 and IF you don't have to deal with the "manager," Tony. I recently completed 4 nights in July 2017 and had another 3 nights scheduled in August, 2017. I work full time and rely heavily on new clients being able to call me on my cell phone so I always need parks that have good cell service. There was nothing on the Sea Perch website that talked about poor cell service so I thought "OK." When I arrived, I was given a brochure that disclosed Sea Perch had lousy cell service but I could use a phone in the clubhouse to make outgoing calls. Not good for me because my business is dependent upon incoming calls but I had already paid for the four nights ($320). I thought I could manage. Then we were put in space 27. At the front of the space near the picnic table was the refuse dump for all of the park's discarded vegetation. That is what I got to look at while sitting at the table and looking out the front window of the motor home. When I checked out, I voiced my complaints to the clerk "Susan" and said I was cancelling the visit in August. She said "You will need to talk to the "manager" Barbara but she was not there. I told Susan the complaints. She said she would relay them to Barbara. After getting my canned email the next day about the penalty for canceling, I tried several times to call Barbara. I never left a number or name but later in the day I got a call from "Sea Perch" and it was a guy named Tony who said he was the "manager.". He was gruff and I asked him if he knew why I had called. He said he knew. I told him I was disappointed about the failure to disclose the poor cell phone service and, at first, he denied any written documents that addressed poor cell phone service and he tried to cut off the conversation. I insisted that he look at the white brochure, which he did, and then he admitted that the disclosure was there (you get the brochure only after you pay your fees). Then he told me that I should have been astute enough to ask about cell phone service if it were that important. I said I could tell the conversation was going nowhere and he replied, "Yep, this conversation is going nowhere." Anyone with any brains knows the marketing reason they do not disclose it in the website - less business. I then asked him what was piled at the front of space #27. He admitted that it was the vegetation rubbish which had been there for months. Then he said "I apologize for that but you are still not getting your penalty refunded." The conversation ended. Maybe this bad experience will help someone out there avoid similar unhappiness with RVing on the coast at Sea Perch.

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 July, 2017
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