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Stay somewhere else!!! Horrible people

Donna (lady who runs park) is a very rude woman. You have to practically ask permission for visitors to come over. I forgot to let her that a contractor of mine was coming over and she embarrassed me in front of them by yelling that it?s her park and no one is to visit unless she says so.. Will watch you like a hawk waiting for you to break any rules. Expects you to memorize all rules. If you break a rule she will come at you very hostile, and belittle you. She has no idea what the word tact means. She?s rude and disrespectful. Does not know how to talk to people. If you happen to break one rule so help you god she will head hunt you. Laundry center is crap and expensive. Park is nice, owner not so much. Don?t waste your time or put yourself through the stress. Also WiFi is absolutely horrendous. Phone service is spotty. Lastly beware of ?RV park govern? north of lot 9 she will believe anything he has to say. PS Donna this is for you,
Definition of Tact
a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations.

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 January, 2018
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