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Don?t stay here

Lived here 11 mos. Perfect tenant. Park changed ownership about same time. Got harassed from day one until the night I left. First it was? can you remove your (American) flags from your vehicle? They look tacky! (Say what??). Then it?s ? you can?t have that fire pit. Don?t you know you live in a desert???( even though it is an approved fire ban exempt fire ring.)
Next it?s ? can you put some of your folding chairs away?? You have too many out. ( I guess 4 is against the law in this park).
Next :they tell me I can?t have a pop up canopy next to my rv( even though I previously cleared it with non onsite owner.) And wanted to argue about it.
And the last straw was I was ordered to remove my cb radio base antenna even though it had been up for the whole time I lived there!!
And let?s not forget the illegal rent increase they tried to pull. Yup-that?s right. Tried to increase it after only about a 30 day notice. Arrogant people think they are about the law!
And about the cb antenna-my vet freind/fellow renter in same park had same antenna up with no hassles! Can you say ? discrimination????
If you don?t want to be treated like scum, it?s simple! Don?t go here! I?ve seen these new owners and managers run a lot of good , hard working people out of here , just to further self inflate THIER out of control egos!!!!
Please do not support these ? un-American people ? by taking your hard earned dollars to them.
Don?t forget about all the free camping on the other side of the freeway. Right on the river. No amenities , but you won?t have to be treated like crap either. Free stay up to two weeks!
Happy camping

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 February, 2019
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