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Security questionable and facilities not worth the cost

At a monthly rate of over $1000 one would expect a different experience. Logistically, it is next to a beautiful scenic area of the beach (its only advantage). With that said, there is easy beach access and therefore the foot traffic and visitors can be questionable. The park is open and exposed making your safety questionable. The laundry facility is located across the street, so you need to drive your vehicle back and forth to do laundry.
You are less than 20 feet from the highway. If you are located on the fence side it will feel like you are in the middle of the road. The train tracks are on the other side of the road. Given the residential area, the trains siren are rather loud, both night and day. If you are parked on the other side, there is an abundance of mosquitos from the creek.
Physically inside the park ,it is all dirt with a few stones. The pathways are very narrow and they try to rent to as large of a rig as possible. During my short stay there where two incidents where a person’s vehicle parked in front was sideswiped by a trailer trying to park.
One night I heard a lot of noise from inside the park. Afterwards I learned that one of the long-term tenants was fighting and throwing belongings out of a trailer. I heard that hhe neighbor next to them moved immediately not feeling secure and the management refused to refund them the money. I do not know the exact details, but it was enough to cross this park off my list. There are too many other well managed parks in the area to take a chance on this one again.

Date of Stay:
 June, 2018