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The worst campground management

We arrived at the Morning Star campground on Thursday the 27th of july for a family reunion. My sister drove to the campsite and got out of the car and her little dog jumped out with her and immediately a man there named Herb starts yelling at her to put her dog on a leash or he will ask her to leave. She just got out of the car!!! The next day most of the family arrived. My daughter brought her Lab/Mastif mix dog and they told her she couldnt stay there although all dogs are on leashes. They weren't going to let her come in and tell us what was going on. She was crying and they finally let her go into the camground to let us know the problem but they charged her 10. to do so. My brother in law volunteered to drive the dog 3 hours home and then returned so my daughter and grand daughter could stay. That night we where playing games and listening to music prior to the quiet time of 10 pm. At 10 pm we all started quieting down but that wasn't good enough for Tiffany, the MGR. she came to our 10 campsites and threatened to have the sheriff remove us for being disorderly. She mocked one of our kids at the reunion because she didn 't know the name of the person in charge of the reunion. We had more family arrive on saturday and they where almost turned away, although they had reservations. They where informed that we all where on notice that we would be kicked out if there was any loud noise from our campspots, this was also a ways from the rest of the campers. The management of this resort is run by mean, nasty, un-compashionate,people who are ugly on the inside. Check out the reviews on Yelp also. You'll never want to go here and camp. Also a Calif fishing license is not valid at this lake. You will have to pay 25.bucks and you can only catch 4 fish. She checks the speed of cars with a radar gun. No dogs allowed on the beach or in the lake but you can throw your cigatette butts on the beach and in the lake. Most dogs are cleaner than the people that own them. This is a very strict campground that is not fun to stay at. You cant relax for fear of getting the boot from Tiffany

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 July, 2018