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Park here if you?re a rich snob

Been traveling with our dogs for a month at many different parks. Never had a complaint that they barked (they were in the coach with the air conditioning on and windows closed) until this park.
Spaces barely fit our 38 ft motor home. The were so narrow we could not open some of our bays because of a retaining wall next to the coach. The space didn?t even have a picnic table! WiFi and cell phone reception practically non existent.
Park was very clean and well maintained


Customer service was non existent

There sign said Vacancy, but when I approached the elderly woman behind the counter to ask for a space for the night and that I didn?t have a reservation, she sighed and rolled her eyes!! Then when I told her the reason that we had to stop in this area because my husband had to get a filter for our generator she was quick to tell me that he couldn?t work on it here!! I said it?s just a filter it?s not like he is going to pull the generator out of our motor home. She had to get the boss who told me no. So we left!
Not helpful or nice!! I would never considered this place!