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Wow! Write this one down in my memoir, ME, a 59 year old Grandma of 8, got banned from a campground! I guess after reading the reviews, I should be grateful Tiffany didn’t kick me out right on the spot like she had done with so many others. At least I got to stay for the remainder of our family reunion.

A little background… two of our six campgrounds were the ones down by the lake, we shared our kayaks and beach toys with other campers, had campfire sing–a-longs at night with guitars and John Denver songs and invited other campers to join us. Most of our group was Mormon, so there was no drinking, loud or lewd behavior or foul language. We were the model campers.

We had a family reunion there and reserved 6 campsites. We had a total of 8 cars, so we knew that our extra 2 cars were going to be charged the extra $6/day per car.

Then, at the last moment, my sister’s friend decided to join us for one night. When she checked in, she accidentally registered her car in the wrong campground, making it the 2nd car. Then shortly after, my son comes in and registers under the same campground, and Tiffany wanted him to pay $20/per night because his car was the 3rd car.

I then went up to see what the issue was, but I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise to explain what had happened. Tiffany went on and on and on about her rules, her place, her home, we are guests, etc. She kept getting louder and went on and on about things that didn’t even pertain to this issue. It was like fingernails on a chalkboard. Make it stop!

She was very confrontational and defensive right from the start and had no desire to listen to what I had to say. Since I knew I was not dealing with a rational person and she was not mentally stable or even had the ability to listen, I gave up and paid the $20 extra per night. Her taunting me as I walked away screeching that she was right, she’s always right and she has video cameras all over the place to prove it!

Then on our last day, my nephew tried to make reservations for our family for the following year, only to be told that myself (his Aunt) was banned from ever coming back!

Tiffany and Herb should not be in any kind of business in dealing with the public. They have no social skills and are angry, bitter and sad people. They act as if you are invading their territory and are a grave inconvenience to them. Actually Herb seems very sweet and nice. I think he just does what Tiffany tells him to do.

Please sell the place and let someone who likes people take over. This is a beautiful place, great for children, kayaking, swimming, hiking, fishing and ATVing. It is too bad it is tainted by angry, evil and ugly people.

I am thinking of getting a group together to go in and give them a Native American ritual of smudging with sage to cleanse their mind, body and spirit to remove the evil that lurks within.

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 August, 2018