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Was disappointed when we pulled in. Looked pretty much like a run down community. We were staying in a motorhome and pulled a utility trailer with our car. I immediately was worried about my trailer because I didn’t have a lock on it. But we decided to stay there anyway because we were assured that there was a maintenance man and a camera watching over it. All went well there. After sitting outside the ants won and we went inside. We awoke in the morning by ants crawling all over us in the bed. They were everywhere! Shower, sink, counters, BED, etc. I told the manager/owner that I didn’t feel like I should have to pay and she got nasty and told me she would call the police if I didn’t pay her. I decided it wasn’t worth the mere $35 and paid her. I’m writing this review because of the unprofessional way she handled everything afterwards. She followed us out of the park and stopped at a light next to us and after a second or two asked if we wanted our money back and I said yes. She then called the police who followed us into a gas station while we were pumping gas. After telling the police my version and then them talking to her she had a change of heart and didn’t want to refund us. We have been camping a long time and yes ants come with camping but to be literally covered in them NOT. I will have to have my entire coach fumigated. I was threatened and told that if I put a bad review on here I would be sued. She did give the police $10 and told us to buy bug spray and followed us literally to the next exit. Do yourself a favor and go up another 20 Miles and stay at Twin Oaks RV Park.

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 September, 2018