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What was he complaining about

I read another review from another person that said he'd skip this place next time. He complained that he could not get a Wi-Fi connection. I am camped here now and am writing this review on their Wi-Fi connection. So it must wok! He also complained about having to camp on the west side of the park, where there was wind and no trees, and mentioned all the regulars on the eastside of the campground. Let me address that complaint first. Most of those folks are coming from somewhere with a very hot summer climate, and stay here through the summer because southern Colorado is cooler than at home. Also, a lot of them have been coming here for years. Yes, I'd give them partial treatment too! When you have repeat business, it is because the people coming back want the same fine treatment they got before!

About his having to camp on the west side of the campground. He didn't mention what type of an RV he had, but I have to camp in my Pop-up on this side because that is where the 30 amp electrical hook-ups are. The other side are mostly 50 amp hookups. Big 5th wheels and motorhomes need the 50 amp hookup, but I've also seen 5th wheels & Motorhomes on this side too. There are three of them camped on this side as I type.

There being no trees! Well trees grow where they grow. I didn't see any stumps where trees had been removed. Wind!?!? Tell me somewhere I can go camping where the wind doesn't blow! If he had been camping anywhere else along the Conejos River, maybe he could tell me where the wind doesn't blow at those places!. Plus, I always thought that when you went camping, you were roughing it a little bit! If this man doesn't like wind then he doesn't like any campground he goes to, because I've never camped anywhere there was not wind. If he has, I hope he'll forward the names of those places to us all!

He did mention how nice the staff here was and I say to add double to that statement. They've always bent over backwards for me with any type of request I've had. I live in Albuquerque, NM, and I'd rather come here than the places I've camped at before in New Mexico. I am 185 miles from home, but I'd rather drive longer to camp here than some of the places I've camped in New Mexico because of the amenities here. That should tell you something is better about this place than others!

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 September, 2018
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