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Management Has Got to Go

For the most part, I enjoyed my stay there. The "general" staff was friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, the manager, Karen I think is her name, is just not a nice person. In fact she is downright mean. She made my stay there (and others who left when I did), very uncomfortable. For example, there is a 5 mph speed limit which I DID diligently try to adhere to. Ok, I may have accidentally blown past 5 upwards of 8 mph. I was using the campground shower one evening and she came banging at the door angrily telling me "No one speeds in my park!" (it's not "her" park). I explained that I was conscious of the speed limit but 5 mph is difficult to maintain in a big diesel pickup truck. She barked that if it happens again, "I will throw you out!". Wow, where did that anger come from? How about a polite "I will have to ask you to leave?" I had never met her before. Since she was standing there, I politely mentioned that there was minimal ventilation in the shower room which made it difficult to dry off and use the mirror, especially after someone else. She essentially told me too bad, bring your own fan if it bothers you. Really?

After it all, I mentioned that I had read about her on other reviews and she got a slight grin on her face and said "yeah, I'm that B**CH". Sounded quite proud of it.

Fair warning...

Date of Stay:
 June, 2019